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  • 1. Question about vsFlexArray and Outlines
    Hello, Is there a way to get a count of the number of rows in a subtotal section? Also, is there a way to quickly return the names of my outline rows? Thx.
  • 2. Calendar controls feedback wanted
    I am deciding on a calendar control from a few vendors and I was wondering if users of these products could provide some feedbacks as to the control itself - funtionality and ease of development - and the company's support quality. My calendaring needs at the moment is not huge but it may grow over time. Infragistics NetAdvantage 2004 has a calendar control which seems pretty elaborate and it's a known company. For support reason alone, I am tempted to go with this control - I guess they are least likely to go out of business. I know that they give you the source depending on the license but I'd rather not have to support it myself. Solutions::PIM Professional by DBI Technologies was recommended to us by another developer and it seems to be more or less comparable to the Infragistics control. Gravitybox Schedule by Gravitybox software looks nice and I am personally drawn to it but I've never heard of this control or the company until my search for a calendaring solution. I will be evaluating each one to build prototypes but I wanted to know whether some of you can your experiences with these controls. Thanks in advance. Jiho Han
  • 3. [MULTIPOST] URGENT ==> PPP Adapter IP
    also posted in microsoft.public.vb.winapi "Sanjay Pawar" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:# XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Hi Experts, > Thanks in advance. > > My problem is I am using visual basic 6.0 and using Windows socket control. > To get local system IP I use > > winsock.localip > > But it is not solving my problem. > > I want to get all local IP's (Ethernet Adapter IP and PPP adapter IP etc) > and want to add those in drop down combo box. > I am urgently in need. How can I do it? > > Best Regards > Sanjay Pawar > > > >
  • 4. .Net control that works like the MSHFlexgrid Control
    Hi, Is there any controls in .Net that works like the MSH Flexgrid control. Is it possible to use the DataGrid control without a datasource? Best regards Pl Eilertsen
  • 5. Transparent Picture/Imageboxes!
    I have been looking far and wide for a picture control that can do transparent gifs properly. What I want is control that: Has Hwnd property (so can't use Image Control. Needed to avoid flickering). Has Zoom (can increase / decrease image size and the control size at the same time) (this is like what image control can do, but image control flickers) Does transparency *properly* - a) any transparent GIF color of a loaded image comes up as transparent. b) You should be able to put one control over another and it see an apple on top of a table - so images are stacked in the correct zorder with all their transp backgrounds revealing the background of the form. Again, this describes an image control with a hwnd property. Can anybody help? Thanks, Alex Kudrasev.

send mail

Postby dev » Thu, 19 Jan 2006 21:09:49 GMT

I'm looking for a way to send an email with attachement from a windows (not
web) vb6 application,
I prefer that this will be done in backend, with a way to give all info as
parameters (to, subject, message and attached file)
any idea please?

Re: send mail

Postby Jay Taplin » Fri, 20 Jan 2006 01:42:57 GMT

This should help:


There are other ways also, but this one is good because it bypasses
Outlook, which is prone to throwing up a security message, which you
probably don't want your user(s) to have to deal with.

Jay Taplin MCP

Re: send mail

Postby Ken Halter » Fri, 20 Jan 2006 02:22:45 GMT

Here's an article similar to that posted by Jay for VB6...

HOWTO: How to Send/Receive E-Mail Messages with Visual Basic

Also, use Google Groups... there are a ton of similar questions

Results 1 - 100 of 186 for attachment "send email" -dotnet group:*.vb.*
 http://www.**--****.com/ +email&as_oq=&as_eq=dotnet&as_ugroup=*.vb.*&as_usubject=&as_uauthors=&lr=&as_drrb=q&as_qdr=&as_mind=1&as_minm=1&as_miny=1981&as_maxd=19&as_maxm=1&as_maxy=2006&safe=off has tons of sample apps too. Be sure to select the 
Visual Basic category first.

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Re: send mail

Postby Veign » Fri, 20 Jan 2006 03:47:31 GMT

Adding to the pile:

Chris Hanscom - Microsoft MVP (VB)
Veign's Resource Center
Veign's Blog

Similar Threads:

1.System.Web.Mail send mail fails

Using the procedure below on an ordinary form works fine. Moving it to
a service-project makes it fail on SmtpMail.Send(mail) with error:

"Could not access 'CDO Message' object."

Google-search shows other with similar problems when running in a
service, but I didn't reach a solution.

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Using the System.Web.Mail:

Sub SendMail(ByVal SendTo As String, ByVal Capacity As Int64)

        WriteLog("sendmail triggered")
            Dim mail As New MailMessage
            mail.To = Modtager
            mail.From = "me"
            mail.Subject = "Alert: lack of space"
            mail.Body = "Space left: " & Capacity & "MB"
            SmtpMail.SmtpServer = mySMTPserver
        Catch ex As Exception
            WriteLog("Email error: " & ex.Message)
        End Try

    End Sub

Regards /snedker

2.Send Mail like Windows Explorer SendTo Mail Recipient

I'm using VB2005.  What I would like to do is to attach a file to an email message and launch the default mail client, just like the
Windows Explorer Send To Mail Recipient does it.  The file is already attached and the User just needs to fill out the email address
and make any changes to the subject and message body.  Can this be done?  How?


Al Reid

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Hi All

I know that when ever I set up my mail programs - Outlook / Outlook
Express / Netscape etc...    You are required to enter an Outgoing
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If you have an application running on a Client's computer on their
Network,  Is it possilble to send an email to myself (I am probably
subscribed to a different service than the client has) -  The point
would be in case of detection of a fault in the system, to "call home"

I'd hate to get involved with trying to find out the different
client's email Outgoing Server and finding an account and a password
to use....   
Is there anyway to send directly to my email provider?

4.Sub:-Problem in sending mails to Windows Mail (Windows Vista)


     I'm doing programming in Windows Mail (OS:- Windows Vista). I'm
using MAPI control to send mail to Windows Mail's Outbox. But it gives
"Windows Mail Security warnings" e.g. Another program is trying to send
mail to outbox. Do you want ot continue?. So if i'm sending mail to 10
contacts then this warning message comes up for 10 times.
     How could I get rid of this security warnings?

     Thanks in advance


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What i must use to do this?

Maybe some sugestions about writing and sended it? 

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