error for keycodev2. dll not find

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    Hi, Is there a way to add/load a textbox on a crystal report at runtime with VB6? (like we can do with FORMS by using the LOAD statement) Thanks Denis
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    I have a problem with one of my reports, I'm not sure if it is an access problem or a Crystal Reports problem. I have a report based on the following query. SELECT SurveyTitle, IIf(sc.TaskSubResult=0,[Description primaire UK], result) AS results, Count(*) AS theNumber FROM ( ( Statistic_Call AS sc LEFT JOIN Codes AS c ON sc.TaskResult=c.AskEtat) LEFT JOIN TaskSubResult AS tsr ON (tsr.TaskResult=sc.TaskResult) AND (tsr.TaskSubResult=sc.TaskSubResult)) LEFT JOIN Surveys AS s ON s.SurveyID=sc.taskID WHERE GROUP BY SurveyTitle, IIf(sc.TaskSubResult=0,[Description primaire UK], result) ORDER BY SurveyTitle The query runs fine in access and return the desired results, however when I create a report based on the query, the column "results" does not display anything. When examining the field in the report creater it says that it is a 0 length string. Can anyone help Thanks Phil

error for keycodev2. dll not find

Postby lyp » Fri, 23 Apr 2004 01:08:42 GMT

I can view the report on my developing machine .But when I publish to other
machine,the report can't be shown.There is a error that the keycodeV2. dll
not find.I install the crystal report by visual studio.Please help.Thanks.


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Hardik Shah

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