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    Hi all How do I set the ZORDER using API ? TIA Guy
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    Hi, Plz help.. i am a bit new to this.... I want to test the following code(which queries the username and the user name is retrieved in the szBuf) ------------------------------------------------------------ InternetQueryOption(hConnect, INTERNET_OPTION_PROXY_USERNAME, szBuf, &nSize) ------------------------------------------------------------ i get the hConnect handle by using the following......code ------------------------------------------------------------ hSession = InternetOpen("GetProxyDetails", INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PROXY, "ProxyServer", NULL , 0 ); hConnect = InternetConnect(hSession, "ServerName", INTERNET_DEFAULT_HTTP_PORT, "UserName", "Password", INTERNET_SERVICE_HTTP, NULL, NULL); -------------------------------------------------------------- My problem is that I am not getting the UserName from the InternetQueryOption and also that the InternetOpen and InternetConnect is not giving any NULL value which it is supposed to give if it i am not able to know that i am providing the correct handle to the InternetQueryOption Can u people help me out... Thanks in advance Chris..
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Re: SetParent API cannot set focus - Solved

Postby Bob and Sharon Hiller » Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:56:28 GMT

I solved the problem by using cursor API's to set the focus to the child 
window and then using keyboard events to send the data.

Bob Hiller
Lifts for the Disabled LLC

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1.SetParent API cannot set focus

I use the SetParent API to run Notepad and other applications in a VB 
PictureBox. Everything works fine except that I cannot find anyway to set 
focus to NotePad through code. The only way is by clicking on it. Is it 
possible to set focus to a program running in a child window?

Bob Hiller
Lifts for the Disabled LLC 

2.SetParent Windows API function notworking with VB 6 forms

I have a requirement where I need to embed a VB 6 forms application into .Net 
forms application. Basically the new .Net application would act as a wrapper 
application and would control the embedded VB 6 application.

I tried to start the VB 6 in a separate process from dot net app and 
acquired the handle of the handle to the main window of the process.

Next I used to use Win32 API function SetParent to set the parent of the VB 
6 application window to the dot net application window.

But when I run the dot net app, it creates the VB 6 app and window is 
launched. But the SetParent does not work as the VB 6 app window stays 
separately outside the dot net app window.

I have pasted the code below for better clarity:
//Creating VB 6 app process
Process p = null;
ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo();
startInfo.FileName = this.exeName;
startInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Normal;
p = Process.Start(this.exeName);

//Waiting till the VB 6 process finishes its execution

appWin = p.MainWindowHandle;

//Change the window attributes of the VB 6 app so that it can become a 
//child window to another window...
long result = GetWindowLongA(appWin, GWL_STYLE);
long newResult = result | WS_CHILD | WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW;
SetWindowLongA(appWin, GWL_STYLE, newResult);

//Use SetParent for changing the parent...
IntPtr a = SetParent(appWin, this.Handle);

//Move the child window within the parent window
MoveWindow(appWin, 0, 0, this.Width, this.Height, true);

This method works roughly for embedding app window in another dot net 
application. But do not work for the embedding a VB 6 app window.

What am I missing here?

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top of a SSTAB control. This works only for the case that the SSTAB control 
is in a MDIchild form. In case that I set the MDIchild property to False , 
the form load event hangs at the SetParent call. How can I solve this since 
I need the main form to be vbmodal which can only be applied to non-MDIchild 


5.Setting the Focus to and return the Focus of a textbox


In VB.NET 2008, a Do ... Loop, I creates sereral new textboxes.  How can I 
set the focus on one of them.
My code is:

txtTest = new Textbox
With txtTest
.Name = "Name"
.Text = "Text"
End With
Loop Until ...

I want to set the Focus on a particular textbox.  On the other hand, when a 
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the focus again at a later time.

Can someone help me?

Many thanks,



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