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  • 1. how can i disable line cut without selection
    hi there Can anybody please tell me how can i disable line cut without selection in IDE. I could not find it anywhere in options, etc. Or if you dont have any such option so anybody from the IDE development team deny its existence though its important to have such a option to disable this. Thanx and Regards Anoop
  • 2. problems with UDDI Web service publishing
    Hi there, I'm using VS.NET to publish a Web service in Microsoft UDDI, using VS.NET (Start Page -> Online Resources -> XML Web Services -> Register a Service). When I am almost finishing, I get the following error: "An unspecified error occurred while processing your request. Please try again later. If problem persists, contact Microsoft Product Support Services." This happens both in Test and Production MS UDDI environments... Any ideas? PS: my web service is not in localhost, it is hosted in the Internet. Thanks a lot, -- Andre
  • 3. Bit Fields in a Structure
    I have been trying to overlay via a union a structure with a buffer (two names of the same data) e.g. typedef struct{ unsigned data1 : 4 ; unsigned data2 : 4 ; unsigned data3 : 4 ; unsigned data4 : 4 ; W05_PRICE w05_price; W07_NETCOST w07_netCost; W08_INDEX w08_index; }TEST1_10; // Form a union between the message structure and a buffer union { TEST1_10 message_data; // I expect this to be = 14 bytes unsigned short buffer[32]; // Max buffer size }messageStructData; My problem is the 4 bit field items are tacking up 1 byte (was 4 bytes but changed it to 1 byte). This throuws the alightment with the buffer. Are they any way you can implement this scheme. Regards, Graham.
  • 4. incorrect help page displayed
    Hi, I am in visual studio .net 2003 editing an aspx.cs file. if I hover the cursor over the word "Response" in my code, a handy tooltip pops up saying "System.Web.HttpResponse" which is correct. However, if I press F1 I get the help page for IWMSCommandValues.Response (Visual Basic .NET) which is something to do with media player. The same thing happens with pretty much any class, method, or property that exists more than once in the help collection - it seems the help system just gets a page at random mentioning that word. I have had this on 3 different installations of 2 different versions of visual Is this feature supposed to work? does anyone else have the same problem as me? many thanks Andy


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I'm trying to save text file in VS .NET with UTF-8 with signature encoding 
automatically. Right now I have to use Advanced Save Options dialog box to do 
that. Is there any possibility to do that with macro or add-in?

Thanks for any help!
Very kind regards!
Krzysztof Kazmierczak

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