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    Hi, I have an existing project that was not created by Visual Studio. All the source code is categorized nicely in a directory. Is there a way in Visual Studio .NET 2003, to add the existing source code directory into a solution or a project automatically? For example, if all your source code is in a folder called 'src' is there a way for Visual Studio to import all the cpp, hpp, and h files into a solution and keep the subfolders? The project is fairly huge to do it one by one. -bob
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    I would like to tell the IDE (.net 2003) that all builds should be rebuilds. Is there a way to do this? I would be satisfied with a shortcut key does a rebuild before running the program (like F5, but F5 does a build). The reason is as follows. For a VB project with around 30 classes, I get into a tangle where only rebuild works. Setting the 'enable incremental build' switch on or off has no effect. Start (F5) yields some compiler errors, Build yields the same, but Rebuild works perfectly. At this point, I change a private method to public, and again only Rebuild will work successfully. FYI, I suspect an MS bug regarding the order of doing things during a build. I had a similar experience with incremental builds using the C++ compiler V4 and V5 back in the nineties. The workaround was to disable incremental compiles.

error try project only build - 2005 beta , build type x64

Postby Y2hheg » Thu, 26 May 2005 21:48:04 GMT

receving the dreaded "operation could not be complete - unspecified error" 
message box . 

RE: error try project only build - 2005 beta , build type x64

Postby v-garych » Fri, 27 May 2005 15:49:50 GMT

Hi Chaz,

For the issue of VS2005 beta, I suggest you post this problem to our 
private Whidbey newsgroup, wish you can get better help there:

64-Bit .NET Framework Development.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards,

Gary Chang
Microsoft Community Support
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