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can't add control variable in VS .Net 7.0

Postby U2FtIEU » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 02:51:06 GMT

I have a large number of VC++ projects originally developed with C++ 6.0.  Now in VS .Net 7.0, I can not add a control variable.  The Control ID checkbox is greyed out.  I do not use VSS.  It would be good to find out why this is happening so I don't have to go back to MSVC 6.0 every time I need to add a control variable.

RE: can't add control variable in VS .Net 7.0

Postby U2FtIEU » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 06:26:07 GMT

I have learned this is probably because I need an AFX_EXTENSION_MODULE xxx = {NULL,NULL};

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DDV_MinMaxInt(pDX, m_Hours[0], 0, HOURS_DAY - 1);

If I remove the "- 1", then I do not get the scripting error.  It would
appear that the script, when parsing the DDX and DDV calls, cannot handle a
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DDV_MinMaxInt(pDX, m_Hours[0], 0, HOURS_DAY);


const int hours = HOURS_DAY - 1;
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