VS 2008 professional on XP sp3

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  • 1. How access Team Foundation Server from a VS Addin
    I want to catch events when a field is changed within a Work Item form. Doing this in a Forms application is rather straightforward but I want to create an Addin to VS and perform the event handling from there. My problem is how to get hold of the Team Foundation Server object. To use the GetServer-method of the Factory-class I need the name of the server and I want to use the fact that the user has opened the Team Server from within the VS using the menu. So, how do I from the VS object model find out the name of the Team Foundation Server which VS is hooked up towards ? BEz
  • 2. Web forms design view and tool box suddenly disappeard in VS 2
    Gary, Thanks for your fast reply. I am not aware of any SW I installed recently that would be likely to have caused this problem. The last thing I did install was the MS web service SW factory. However, what I did immediately before teh problem occurred was to create a project/website from imported (aspx) files created in VS studio 2005 professional (whereas I myself have the Team Edition Architect version). Anyway, assuming my VS is corrupted, what can I do get it back working? Thanks, Martin
  • 3. Missing Macros menu
    Hello, I now use VS.NET 2005 Team Ed. but wonder why the menu 'Macros' under Tools was removed. I wanted to import some macros I used in VS.NET 2003.. We use Team Edition for Developers and I checked that also my coleegs miss this menu item. However I can see in newsgroups talking about Macros in VS.NET 2005, so it seems that only Team editions lacks for it.. Is there any way how to get it back or at least how to import macros from prev. version of VS.NET? Thanks eXavier
  • 4. VS2005 dataset designer won't add a table
    When trying to drag and drop a table from the Server Explorer to the DataSet Designer i get the error: "Failed to merge object(s)." "An item with the same key has already been added." And the designer will not add the table. What's wrong?
  • 5. Source files for Setup projects
    Using VS 2005 to build a C# application, I have noticed that if the setup project references Primary output from an executable project, the setup project uses the obj\Release folder to get the executable file while the dlls used by the exe come from their respective Release folders. What is the purpose for the obj folder in a C# application? Why does the setup project use the obj folder instead of the release folder? Thanks, Leslie

VS 2008 professional on XP sp3

Postby » Wed, 24 Sep 2008 21:26:41 GMT

Did you find a solution to this problem?  I've just reinstalled VS 2008 Professional on XP sp3 and it crashes everytime I try to change a property.  Kind of useless.

VS 2008 professional on XP sp3

Postby » Wed, 24 Sep 2008 21:26:59 GMT

Did you find a solution to this problem?  I've just reinstalled VS 2008 Professional on XP sp3 and it crashes everytime I try to change a property.  Kind of useless.

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