Move DFS FROM a domain controller



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Move DFS FROM a domain controller

Postby badamsios » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 02:34:17 GMT

My employer is running DFS on our 1st domain controller and I'd like
to move it. I setup a member server but DFS says it's waiting for
Active Directory update.

It waits for AD to update with DFS info before starting DFSR.  Of
course, the server does not have AD, thus, it waits forever and never
starts DFSR.



Re: Move DFS FROM a domain controller

Postby Danny Sanders » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 03:04:59 GMT

> My employer is running DFS on our 1st domain controller and I'd like

Move the DFS? Is this Win 2k3? R2?

 setup a member server but DFS says it's waiting for

Win 2k3? R2? Where are you seeing this or what are you doing to get this 

Not sure what this means.


Re: Move DFS FROM a domain controller

Postby badamsios » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 04:02:20 GMT

Win2K3 R2

Whenwe go to the DFS Management and create a diagnostic report, it
shows Server_name in its initialization stage and says "it's either
waiting for data from the server or for AD to update".  Even after
leaving it on for a week, not one file came across, thus, I assume it
was waiting for the AD to update, which it's not an AD itself.

Re: Move DFS FROM a domain controller

Postby Danny Sanders » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 04:25:32 GMT

 Even after

It does not need to be a DC (have AD installed ) to get the DFSR config.

Not totally sure why you are seeing, what you are seeing but it is not 
because the one server is a member server. We have DCs replicating to a hub 
server that is a member server with no problems.

You should post this to the Microsoft.public.server.dfs_frs news group. 
There are MS reps that deal with DFSR that hang out there. You might also 
look into the DFSR logs at the time this happens to see if anything jumps 

Also we've been working through this for a few months now and have gathered 
a list of hot fixes that MS, either through direct contact w/ MS or through 
another company we sought help with setting up DFSR because they were in the 
MS DFSR testing. Working w/ MS they came up with a list of hot fixes 
suggested to be installed for DFSR. Between the two of us I have combined a 
list of DFSR hot fixes that we apply to every server we use DFSR on.

925332, 921217,917953,917622,912850,912154,908521,905700, and 898060.

Some of those hot fixes we had to have our MS rep send to us because I don't 
think they were available for download. Not sure which ones they are or if 
that has changed.


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