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    Hi: I used to work in MS some time ago in the professional service. With they should be able to check validity and kind of the copy installed. However, they will be not able to let you know the purchased licences at the moment if you are talking about volume licenses. May be you should talk with the dealer or reseller if you have the chance. I hope it helps. -- Un saludo Juan Perez < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... >I have inherited a number of servers running Win2K and SQL Server 2K. I > want to verify that all installed instances are legal. > > I have the Product IDs and Product Key for each instance. However, I do > not know exactly how many licenses were purchased 4 years ago. Because > of a few changes in management, I do not have a copy of the "paper" > licenses. I have pretty much exhausted seeking the licenses in the file > cabinets and boxes in the basement. > > I called the Microsoft 800 number to ask; if I were to provide the > Product IDs and Product Key, can they tell me who, when and how many > licenses were purchased. But after waiting on hold for 15 minutes not > knowing if I was going to get any help I hung up. > > Before I call again, I would like to know if anyone has ever asked > Microsoft this question or have any other suggestions. > > Thanks >

Network Printing Query

Postby QXJrYW5l » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 01:50:06 GMT

Hi all,
We have a Windows Server 2003 AD environment and we'd like to be able to 
set-up and manage print-queues centrally for our network. (Single site, 1600 
users, 80-100 printers)

We currently use Netgear print servers to manage the print queues in 
individual rooms/printers, however in order to clear or manipulate the queue 
at all, we have to physically disconnect the print server and then 
force-clear the queue at each client PC.

So we're looking for something centrally manageable. A thought is adding all 
printers (pointing to their print server devices) from the server, which 
would in theory give us queue management, however I'm wondering what other 
ways we could use to obtain this functionality. How have the rest of you 
dealt with managed printing? Any good programs or utilities we could try? Any 
tips or anything would be extremely helpful.

Thanking you all in advance.

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1.Printing queue, printed document residual artifact, time to print (multiple query)


Hope someone with Vista knowledge can help me in figuring this out.

Have a new(er) HP computer with Vista Premium attached to a Lexmark X5150 
all-in-one. This computer is also connected via home Lan (multi-port 
Ethernet switch) to an old Gateway 2000 W98 computer which prints to an old 
HP 4P.

When I print to the usb connected Lexmark using the Vista computer using IE7 
or Office 2007 (any app) the document prints, and then remains as 
"document - deleting" in perpetuity. The only way to clear it is to turn the 
printer off and back on, each time. I have the latest Lexmark Vista drivers.

Printing to the Lexmark printer from any Microsoft "Works" app is fine, and 
I can print multiple documents! (go figure).

Printing to the Laserjet4P through the Lan from IE7 or Office 2007 results 
in the same problem, but can be cleared by using the Cancel Documents 
command in the Printers window, so I don't have to manually reset the 
printer (latest drivers again). The only additional frustration is that it 
seems to take forever for the printer selection window to "stabilize", in 
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(XPS, Lexmark, One Note, etc.) but the installed HP4P takes roughly 3 
minutes to show up, each time I want to print.

I have scoured the Microsoft website to try and find solutions, as well as 
read some of the replies here. Please, don't anyone tell me I have to work 
around the problem by entering Dos-like commands to re-initialize the 
spooler at every document. Vista, IE7 and Office 2007 are probably 9 
generations evolved from having to resort to this kind of archaic nuisance.

I have a car I start with a key, I don't have to get out and crank-start it 
with a lever like they did in the 1920's. Likewise, I expect software to 
perform the basic functions adequately, especially with respect to an 
"operating system".

I apologize if I seem cranky and sarcastic, I am.  Thanks in advance for any 
advice!   -   Phil. 

2.Printing queries and woes


We have an active directory setup to allocate our printers via login scripts
based on a machines first 3 characters.

We had a lot of trouble getting this to work initially but after much
tinkering we managed to get a solution, and now the problems.........

To get it to work we had to create an MSI package containing all our printer
drivers and allocate the package to all our PC's and then put a wait of 15
seconds between adding multiple printers or we get drop outs and printers
don't connect.

My questions are is there a more elegant way of rolling out the printer
drivers and is anyone else having to add a wait in their logon script to
allow printers to be added.

Here is a fragment of the script

if department = "ADM" then
  printer1 = "\\rgc-1\adm-office"
  printer2 = "\\rgc-1\adm-phoenix"
  printer3 = "\\rgc-1\adm-cash"
  printer4 = "\\rgc-1\adm-dev"
  printer5 = "\\rgc-1\smt-head"
  printer6 = "\\rgc-1\adm-jhs"
  printer7 = "\\rgc-1\adm-staffww"
  printer8 = "\\rgc-1\geo-base"

  Select Case department_location
   case "BLK" defprinter=printer8
   case "OFF" defprinter=printer1
   case "PHO" defprinter=printer2
   case "CSH" defprinter=printer3
   case "DEV" defprinter=printer4
   case "HMS" defprinter=printer5
   case "JHS" defprinter=printer6
   case "JHO" defprinter=printer6
   case "CAR" defprinter=printer7
   case "SRW" defprinter=printer7
   case "MED" defprinter=printer2
  End Select

  if department_location = "HMS" then
   WSHNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\rgc-1\jun-colour"
  end if

  WSHNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection printer2
  WSHNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection defprinter
  WSHNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter defprinter


Any pointers gratefully recieved



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