Open older system info file in Win2K3?



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Open older system info file in Win2K3?

Postby SmVmZiBQaW5lcw » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 02:36:04 GMT

When I try to open a Windows-98 .NFO file on a Windows 2003 Server (SP1) in 
MSINFO32, I get the error: "Opening older versions of NFO files is disabled". 
 On Windows XP, it tells me to install the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.  I am 
trying to diagnose a problem on a remote Windows-98 machine (I don't have 
access to the machine).  Is there any way to "enable" viewing older versions 
of NFO files?  Are there any other options?

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Figured it was time to transfer before loss of data.

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channel,  so I removed both drives and got it up and running by itself- 
figured I'd have a clean system to work with, and I'd try to bring files 
down from the other drives as slaves.  Now my problem is that I cannot seem 
to get either of the other drives to recognize on the second cable.  I 
figure with all my cabling, I have probably damaged the last cable harness.

I can boot up either the new one as master with neither of the other two 
attached, or I can boot up off the old C, not recognize the new drive as 

Tonight I will replace the cable to see if the second harness has a problem 
(I am assuming the closest connector to the IDE socket is the master and the 
furthest one out is the slave.)

(yes, I have been grounding myself)

The fact that several times, I would restore the original connections and 
have both drives available again in original condition, just not being able 
to read the new drive as a slave or read either old drive as a slave (yes, 
changing jumpers) and now that only the old C drive or new drive boots in 
the first position has me now thinking that the 2nd cable connector is 
defective, and became so sometime last night,  but earlier, and having 
restored original conditions, on a few occasions, has me feeling that 
something like this special boot.ini file on C, or lack of boot.ini on the 
second drive is interfering with the ability to read it as a slave drive if 
I set up the computer with the older drive as slaves to pull the information 
into the new.

(I had originally not been able to read the new drive with the OEM format 
CD), which prompted me to install it as the only drive (partitioned into 
100, 100, 50, since the OEM disk indicated possible problems above 137 GB 
partitions.  (all 3 are NTFS formatted partitions).  Since I restored to 
both old drives again after this, I know that it was probably not a possible 
defective cable until lateron last night.

Any advice on what boot ini files should be on each drive- should I remove 
the old C multi boot file with a stock boot ini file (and if so- what should 
that file say) and what could I use on the old "D" drive to get that one to 
boot independently of the old C drive, and how could I get either of the 
older drives to be recognized with the new drive as "C", "D" and "E" as 100, 
100 and 50 GB partitions??

Any programs or utilities I can use to facilitate reading recognizing  the 
drive and pulling the info down into the new drive?

My first venture tonight is to restore the old original condition- so I am 
also not sure I have the orginal jumper pinouts, I 've tried using both as 
cable select, haven't had success, tried master/slave.   (assuming closest 
connector to mother board is master, furthest is slave).

Tried changing boot sequence-  currently all as IDE0, 1st, 2nd, third, 
tried  IDE1, ARRGGHH  Need some simple advice,   I'm getting confused.  Its 
not as simple as it used to be.

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