Windows 2003 Server Licensing



  • 1. Is this possible in any way?
    Hi all I'm sitting at head office where we have a file server (win 2003) and then we have 15 remote locations. The remote offices have a ADSL (broadband) internet line which they use for browsing and to get their e-mails from head office where a exchange server is aslo. My question is : Is there any way that i can do something so that the people in the remote offices save in a specific directory on their pc's and all that work is saved on the fileserver that is sitting in head office. Must i setup a VPN or how can this be done?
  • 2. right to application event log
    Hello ALL, Developer in my company wants to view the app log, how do you suggest I take care of this. I searched on this topic & didn't have any luck.... Thank in advance for your help....
  • 3. Remote Registry always set to disabled after startup?
    Something is very strange on my 2003SP1 machine. The remote registry service is always being set to disabled after restart despite I manually set the service to start automatically prior to machine reset. The server is behind a firewall and has active anti-virus solutions (AVG) and came up clean. Any thoughts?
  • 4. wingate proxy on server 2003
    hello. i have teh proxy server wingate from qbik new zeland in windows xp sp2 and i think it is not the best solution because of the limitation of some network packets. iam planning to install it on a server...what do you think is the best solution for that?? the server standard....the server web....etc...can u help me?? thank you very much :)
  • 5. Locking down a folder structure
    If they can add and delete, they can move. Your best bet is to train your those users to properly "double click" on a file. Maybe play around with the mouse click speed. Technology can not always substitute for proper training. hth DDS "O Chacon" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > In an NTFS Windows 2003 server shared folder structure I am unable to stop > some users from accidentally dragging one folder into another. The folder > structure is getting moved when someone doubleclicks a folder but actually > he/she clicks and > draggs the folder into another one. > How can I lock down the folder structure and yet allow that same user to > add and delete files within those same folders. I've tried managing > permissions but I'm not able to get the right combination. I am either > giving too much or taking too much. > Thanks in advance. > > Regards. >

Windows 2003 Server Licensing

Postby QnJpYW4 » Wed, 29 Dec 2004 00:55:02 GMT

1.  Can you have concurrent logins for a user and if so how many or is it 

2.  Does and XP Pro license give you a license for Windows Server (I have 
been told this and was wanting to verify)?  If this is true, can you upgrade 
XP Home to XP Pro, thus giving you a server license?

3.  What is the best and cheapest way to purchase approximately 20-30 user 

Thank you!

Re: Windows 2003 Server Licensing

Postby greg.merideth » Wed, 29 Dec 2004 05:07:15 GMT

1. A single CAL can have multiple logins to a server however they will
consume multiple connection's on the server.  This only means multiple
login's, mapping multiple shares is not the same thing.

2. XP is just a single system CAL, you'll still need a server cal to
have that machine connect to the server itself.

3. If you buy computers from a large provider (gateway, compaq, dell)
then call your account rep and get a bulk cal license.  If you bought
server and got 5 CAL's you can buy a pack of 5 CAL's from pretty much
anywhere.  The part number (if I have the right one) is R18-00139.  Or
you can do a search on froogle to find good pricing.

Windows 2003 Server Licensing

Postby c2hhbmt1 » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 20:28:02 GMT

I have requirement of 5 windows 2003 Server software installed in 5 differnet 
Servers & connected to One domian. In this case can i order 1 Windows 2003 
Server license with 5 CAL. 

RE: Windows 2003 Server Licensing

Postby TW9ybw » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 20:01:02 GMT

you have to buy 5 server license
look at 
" http://www.**--****.com/ #E1C"

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