Disk Management - Partitioning problem



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Disk Management - Partitioning problem

Postby Qm9ibGluaw » Tue, 02 Jun 2009 00:00:01 GMT

Hi, I have a 500G Hard Drive that I decided to Partition and now have a 
284.6G "C" Drive, 9.77 Unallocated Space,  a 87.75 "X" Drive, a 36.81 "Y" 
Drive and a 48.83 "Z" Drive.  After moving files, folders,... , I noticed 
that the "C" Drive has 251G Free  and tried to re-size (reallocate) some of 
the space Free Space in "C" (I don't think that I need more than 50Gs) but 
the Vista HP Disk Management program does not allow me to do anything with 
the "C" Drive.   When I try and shrink the "C" Drive, I am advised that "0" 
available so my question is, am I stuck with a humongous "C" Drive or is 
their a way to reallocate some of the unused space to "X" (where I keep my 
data files), "Y" where I have Photos and "Z" which I use (exclusively) for 
Backup / System Restore images? One other note, when I try and allocate the 
Unallocated Space, Dis Manager only allows me to combine it with "C" NOT "X", 
"Y" or "Z". Thanks, Bob  

Re: Disk Management - Partitioning problem

Postby DL » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 20:45:28 GMT

Your effectively wasteing space / effort by keeping backups / images on a 
partition within a single drive.
If that drive fails so do all your efforts.

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Attempted to do my homework on this one.  Checked with 
Dell Support regarding adding another SCSI hard drive to 
my computer.  They said OK up to 36GB but would not 
support anything larger.  Checked with the Maxtor support 
and they said a SCSI Ultra 320 was backwards compatible 
with SCSI Ultra 2.  Both are 68 pin.  The homework was the 
easy part.

Tried to install a Maxtor Atlas IV 10K 36GB SCSI Wide 320 
LVD hard drive to my Precision 610 with latest bios.  
Already have a Quantum Atlas 10K 9GB Ultra 2 LVD (as page 
file drive for Win XP Pro) and a Quantum Fireball 9GB IDE 
hard drive (as the boot drive for Win XP Pro).  Also have 
a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  SCSI ID is 0 for 9GB (boot drive), 6 
for 36 GB (configured automatically), and 5 for CD-ROM 

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Manager the devices are listed as   Disk 0 Quantum 
Fireball 9GB IDE
            Disk 1 Quantum 9GB SCSI
            Disk 2 Maxtor 36 GB SCSI
..	however, if I click on the Volumes tab of the 
Maxtor 36 GB SCSI drive it states Status: Not Initialized
..	but, several attempts have been made to initialize 
using the Hardware Wizard
..	have uninstalled and re-installed Adaptec SCSI 
Ultra 2 controller driver
..	when I go to Settings/Control Panel/Administrative 
Tools/Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management and use 
the Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard it sees Disk 2 (the 
one I am trying to install) when I attempt to initialize I 
get an error message "An unexpected error has occurred.  
Check the System Event Log for more information on the 
error.  Close the Disk Management console, then restart 
Disk Management or restart the computer"
..	there is no record of an error in the System Event 
Log or any other log for that matter
..	I have closed and restarted Disk Management 
several times and restarted the computer several times 
without success in initializing the new drive with Disk 
.	the SCSI Utilities program only sees SCSI ID 5 
(the CD-ROM drive)
..	removed the SCSI controller cable connector from 
both SCSI drives and rebooted
..	connected the SCSI controller cable to only the 
new SCSI drive and rebooted
..	still the same errors as above

Any ideas?

4.Local Disk Management Console Generates Remote Disk Management Err

"The Disk Management console failed to connect to the remote computer because 
the Disk Management remoting service is not in the Windows Firewall exception 
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I have always thought that the C drive system disk should be disk 0 in 
Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Managment.  I 
recently did a re-install of Windows XP Pro with only the C drive connected.  
The install went OK and I then reinstalled all of my software.  I did this 
because one of my programs was revertng back to an expired 30 day trial and 
after trying everything the company suggested I reinstall Windows.  This 
software that I paid $500 for reverts back to the expire trial if it thinks 
the C drive serial number has changed.  I have discovered that immediately 
after I reinstalled XP the system disk C was disk 0.  I turned off the 
computer, opened the case and reconnected my second hard drive "D" and 
restarted the machine.  I then plugged in my two Firewire 800 external 
drives.  I went into Disk Management and the system disk (C) was still disk 
0.  Tonight when I tried to open the software mentioned above it reverted 
back to the expired 30 day trial.  I checked in Disk Management and the 
system disk (C) is now showing as disk 1.  There is no disk 0 listed.  I am 
sure that this is why my software is reverting back to the expired trial - it 
thinks the C disk has changed.

Does anyone know why the system disk C is changing from disk 0 to disk 1?




Bill Artman

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