Any sound card working with Vista ???


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Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby R.T. » Mon, 07 May 2007 07:20:06 GMT

                         I have  CL Audigy4 sound card, with Microsoft
removing some sound files (very stupid by Microsoft) my card with the
new Vista drivers is not working like in Windows XP, my question is,
is there any sound cards out there working A-1 with Vista, forget any
Creative Lab cards the sound is for the birds in Vista, there is one
company out there Auzentech, any feedback out there.


Re: Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby Conor » Mon, 07 May 2007 22:54:04 GMT

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, R.T. says...
Yeah. Can you repost that using punctuation that's a bit better than 
that of a five year old so we can understand what the hell you're on 


Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright 
until you hear them speak.........

Re: Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby R.T. » Wed, 09 May 2007 20:35:52 GMT

On Sun, 6 May 2007 14:54:04 +0100, Conor < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

    Very sorry, I am handicap and have  a problem typing on a

Re: Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby R.T. » Wed, 09 May 2007 20:43:25 GMT

On Sun, 6 May 2007 14:54:04 +0100, Conor < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

     Conor, thank you very mush, I will not ask again for any info. in
the group. 

Re: Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby Um9ja29G » Sun, 13 May 2007 02:43:02 GMT

Haven't heard of much yet.  SoundMax onboard audio (ASUS P5B) works with no 
problem  Spent sever days with a Creative Fatal1ty pro and got nothing but 
muffled sound out of 2.1 analog speakers.  

Re: Any sound card working with Vista ???

Postby T0xF » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 02:58:00 GMT


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I have Vista business on an Asus P5nSLI board P4d 2.8 and two gig or ram. 
Does anyone know how to make a sound card work. I have tried the onboard 
card and a creative audigy card and both fail. When playing an mp3, the 
sound seems to "max out" as if you turned the volume up too high and it 
could not handle the load. I have tried the latest drivers for both cards 
and nothing seems to work. Every search on the internet refers back to some 
vista release candidate and none of those solutions work. Does anyone know 
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I cannot be the only one with this problem.


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Windows XP SP3 RC v3264 Does NOT Support High Definition Audio - Dashken's I-BlogSkip 
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  I posted this entry on 01/01/2008 and there are many who're still having the 
  same problem. After some googling, I've added some updates below. Hope they 
  help. Good luck! 

In Windows XP, to add support for High Definition Audio, we have to install the 
Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver. This is 
either the KB835221 (for SP1) or the newer KB888111 (for SP1 or SP2).

If you've already tried your hands installing the Windows XP SP3 RC v3264 and 
you have a High Definition Audio device on your computer, I bet you must be 
having problem with the audio drivers as am I. When you try installing the 
KB888111 which works for SP1 and SP2, it will not work for SP3, at least for the 
current SP3 RC v3264 and you will be prompted with a message saying that the 
current service pack installed is newer than the fix you are trying to apply. 
Even the older KB835221 doesn't work.

So, is there a way to fix it? Fortunately, there is. 

Well, all is not lost. You can try tinkering with the INF file to make your 
Windows which is installed with SP3 to think that the KB is meant to be 
installed on SP3. redxii from msfn forum did just that and created a modified 
KB888111 which is available for download. 

I've yet to try it out but from the feedbacks, they are positive! I've tried it 
out on my system which is installed with SP3 and it worked! Just download the 7z 
(7zip) file or zip file below, extract it and then right-click at the ? mark at 
the device manager that you think might be the Audio device, reinstall the 
driver by pointing to the folder you extracted the files to. After that's done, 
install the audio driver for your motherboard. That's it! 

I've created a mirror on my blog including the original link and for those who 
need the fix or add-on as it's called, can download from any of the links below. 

Let's hope Microsoft will include the UAA driver in the SP3 RTM and save us from 
this kind of problem or else almost all audio drivers will need to be updated. 
That will create lots of problems for the vendors. 

Have fun with SP3! 

Download (right-click and save) : 

Fix for KB888111 for Windows XP SP3 RC v3264 (Original)
Fix for KB888111 for Windows XP SP3 RC v3264 (Mirror)

Update (02/09/2008) : 

Received some comments saying the above fix didn't work for them, so I just went 
and did some googling and found another solution which change the CSDVersion to 
SP2 so that you can install the KB888111 for SP2. Once you're done with that, 
just remember to change back the CDSVersion to SP3. 

Below are the steps from Bored SysAdmin blog which he translated from some 
Chinese websites. 

Let's get on with the solution... see if it works for you. 

1) Open Regedit and go to :

2) Double-click CDSVersion and change it to 200, then restart your system.

  100 (hex) means its sp1
  200 (hex) means its sp2
  300 (hex) means its sp3

3) Install kb888111xp2.exe (Microsoft UAA Patch which should be available from 
your Audio driver folder)
4) Install audio driver
5) Change CSDVersion back to 300 (remember this or else you system will think 
it's still SP2 and many SP2 updates may reemerge in your Windows Update, that's 
my logical guess anyway  )
6) Restart your system

5.No sound from nVidia Sound Card but appears to be working


I've just re-installed WinXP for a friend who was having plenty of
problems (too much spyware and too many viruses to even bother to try
to fix, just wiped and re-installed from scratch) and now I can't get
the audio to work.

The audio card is an nVidia one.  The clean install was from their
WinXP SP1a CD so I downloaded SP2 and installed it, then downloaded
about 90 updates from Windows Update which included three updates for
the nVidia audio card and rebooted.  Upon installing the updates the
PC bleeper stopped beeping on errors/warnings/etc as if it was binging
from the audio card but no sound is forthcoming.

I rebooted and played an MP3 from within WinAmp and no errors were
returned and the GEQ was bouncing away merrily as if music was playing
but I got nothing from the speakers.  I double clicked the speaker
button on the task bar next to the clock and went to Advanced and
checked all the boxes to display all the various feeds, unmuted them
all and set the volume to max on them all but still nothing.

I then unplugged the amp from one socket on the sound card and put it
in the other (there are only two, and a what looks like an optical
digital output) which I assume was the Mic/Line In socket and repeated
everything but still no joy.

I swapped the plugs over again and tried the same in Windows Media
Player, same result.

I then went to nVidia's website and downloaded the latest drivers from
there, installed them (tapping 'continue' on the non-Windows Logo
Compliant boxes) to see if that did anything but after a reboot still
nothing.  Infact, WinAmp crashes on the drivers from nVidia's
website.  I soldiered on and went to the nVidia audio control panel
with the music playing in Windows Media Player and all of the stuff
from the nVidia GEQ is pumping away as one would expect, but there's
just nothing coming out of it.

I unplugged the amp completely and stuck some working earphones in it
for a second opinion (in both sockets at the back) but no audio was
coming out of them so swapped back to the amp.

I then fiddled with the 'rear is plugged into line in socket' style
entries in the volume controls area but that didn't do anything

I then hit the 'mute' option in the normal audio control next to the
clock and there was a click from the amp.  Unmute, click.  Mute,
click... that seems to imply to me that the sound card is responding
to the software as the mute button is of course software driven.  Upon
checking to make sure everything was being displayed and unmuted and
at full volume I have no idea at all why I don't get any audio out of
the sound card even when it all looks like it's working.

None of the devices are highlighted in device manager and are marked
as working properly.  Running dxdiag.exe reports that the card is
working and the audio tests work but without output to the tests.  I
tried turning the audio accelleration to none and retesting but still

Any ideas?!

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