task bar look



  • 1. This will solve a big part of the problem in vista.
    I think I can post this in all insult. :sleepy: *ReadyBoost do:* ReadyBoost take much of your computer's energy. It creates problems for the normal driving. And for the games. Some are experiencing high load on hard drive as if there running a scanned or index. The old games (Xp and below) will not tolerate that ReadyBoost start to use energy to get things to run while. ReadyBoost spend so much energy that you can feel a general improving on your vista after stop. This will surely solve 60 to 70% of your problems. *Disabled ReadyBoost:* Start -> Control Panel _From_the_Control_Panel_home_page:_ System And Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Services (Run as administrator*!*) Find the ReadyBoost and Double-click to open the Properties Click on Stop Click on the Startup Type column, choose the Disabled option (To never Startup) Click the OK button If you need to start ReadyBoost again. Set the Startup Type back to Automatic. Click on Start, or reboot. This will solve a big part of the problem with running games and other things in Vista. But ReadyBoost can not be used more for things such as USB stick with ReadyBoost. -- Diblo
  • 2. Chkdsk and corrupted files problem, again
    Hi, I've experienced the "corrupted file" problem. I tried to fix it via chkdsk (run elevated), planed the scan after reboot, nothing happened. The chkdsk did not run. tried "sfc /scannow" So I decided to reinstall Vistas. It worked fine for like 10 days and now again. I'm using legal Vista Business x86 (32bit) on my Lenovo N100. - not some cracked version - original, with SP1 installed and all latest updates. Any ideas. I'm open to anything. thanks in advance. -- tomas.fejfar
  • 3. Hibernate Problems
    For years now I have been using the Hibernate shut-down option (for XP and Vista). It provides for a much faster start-up for the computer (particularly Vista) and the windows I always use are loaded and ready to go. All of sudden Vista Hibernate is acting up. I can do the Hibernate shutdown and it goes through its routine and shuts down the computer. HOWEVER, the computer then decides to fire up again on its own after about 5 minutes of Hibernate shutdown. Note that this problem has never occurred with my XP laptop, only on my main computer, an HP 17" laptop with 2 gigs memory, running Vista Home Premium. Any help resolving this problem would be appreciated. Stu Davis

task bar look

Postby ZXZlcmV0dHA » Sun, 02 Dec 2007 23:51:02 GMT

every time i restart my comp. when the comp starts i get windows 2000 look no 
matter what i have the coller and appearance set at it still comes back to 
the 2ooo look how do i stop it from changing the appearance

RE: task bar look

Postby c2xlZXB5aG9sbG93 » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 00:33:02 GMT

Same here. It's really pissing me off. I try to change it in configurations, 
but no luck. It's like the aero glass format completely disappeared. :|

RE: task bar look

Postby Qm9iIEo » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 21:52:00 GMT

Provide a bit more info of your setup?
Specs of PC/Laptop - Graphics Card, etc. Was Vista per-installed or did you 
Have you upgraded your graphic card recently - if so was it from MS Upgrade 
0r manufactures website?
Have you installed any new programs recently?
More info required to give possible solution?
Bob J
If advise given from anyone, solves problem or not, or if solved from 
another source,post back & let us know.
Then we all benefit.

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