Processor running slowly??



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Processor running slowly??

Postby rwphilips » Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:07:08 GMT

I'm running Ultimate 64 bit and having all sorts of weird problems.
I used CPU-Z to look at some system settings and it says the
multiplier on my AMD 64 X2 5600+ is 5 when it should be 14, so the
processor speed is showing as 1000mhz instaed of 2800mhz. My WEI score
for the processor is 5.3 so I don't know if MS uses the info from the
processor or actually runs a benchmark against it. Any ideas??

thanks, Richard

RE: Processor running slowly??

Postby RHdhcmY » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 08:00:03 GMT

Hi Richard,

This is normal behaviour for AMD processors and is called 'Cool'n'Quiet'. 
Basically, when under little or no load, the processor throttles back to a 
low speed by reducing its multiplier which can range from 5x at its lowest 
setting to 14x at its highest (depending on the processor). A lower speed 
means less heat production and also lower power consumption. To check this 
out, run a processor-intensive program whilst observing the results on CPU-Z.

Re: Processor running slowly??

Postby rwphilips » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:33:40 GMT

I was told by AMD that Cool and Quiet does not function under Vista
because Vista has its own version of it in software which I have not
been able to confirm. I have run Prime 95 and the value does NOT
change in CPU-Z for me...

On Sat, 1 Dec 2007 15:00:03 -0800, Dwarf

Re: Processor running slowly??

Postby Michael Walraven » Mon, 03 Dec 2007 23:51:41 GMT

run 'Reliability and Performance Monitor'
the opening page has four graphs, the left one for the CPU shows percent 
busy, and percent Maximum Frequency. On my Intel Core 2 dual the percent is 
normally 66% Maximum Frequency as the clock is throttled down when needed 
(heavy computing) the percent goes to 100 percent.

Vista Home premium, Dell XPS410

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