• 1. Accessing CD-ROM
    I still have Windows XP and will someday upgrade to Vista. My CD-ROM reader/burner does not always read CD-ROMs and when I use Windows Explorer it indicates that 'Access is Denied". I also cannot burn files onto the CD-ROM from Windows Explorer. However, files burned from other software e.g. Pinnacle or Adobe Photoshop Elements burn fine. When I shut down the computer and reboot, sometimes the CD-ROM player will function temporarily. Any insights into what is going on? -- Many thanks
  • 2. nVidia issues
    I've just installed Vista x64 (clean install), and have not yet installed any other programs (other than motherboard updates, audio and graphice drivers). The experience index was at its base 1.0 rating. I then proceeded to install updates, and also the nVidia drivers version 162.18 for my MSI NX8600GT series graphic card. After this, I ran the assessment again. However, it fails right at the end with the following error: "The assessment or other operation did not complete successfully. This is due to an error reported from the operating system, driver, or other component." The assessment stays at 1.0. I then went to the nVidia site itself for the latest Vista x64 drivers (v. 169.25), but the install hung. I tried uninstalling the previous version as well but it didn't appear to complete. Will the assessment problems cause functionality issues? Would uninstalling it have and effect on the problem? Thanks, Mike T.
  • 3. Deleting search information
    I do quite a bit of searching. The names that I search remain in the individual sites, and also on my main browser. When I go to these sites to search, all of these names that I searched before come up. This is annoying. On my old XP, I would be able to just hit the delete button, and they would all dissapear. This doesn't happen with Vista. Is there a way to delete these saved names, etc without much trouble? Please help . . this is very distracting when I go to a site, and enter a name, and all the names that I ever saved come up. It's distracting. Thanx . . -- debarybabs
  • 4. performance index sub-categories
    After upgrading my notebook with new video driver, the index doesn't show sub-classes, but only the total index = 3.1 Plus Aero isn't anymore an option !!!


Postby YWxsYXJkdm8 » Tue, 04 Dec 2007 01:19:00 GMT

My sidebar crashed after the installation of - I think it was -  F-Secure. I 
managed to fix it again by running some dll-restores but now the only gadget 
thats not showed is the stock-gadget. I hope someone has an solution for it. 


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