Permission to install .dll file? Where do I do that?



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    I'm running Ultimate 64 bit and having all sorts of weird problems. I used CPU-Z to look at some system settings and it says the multiplier on my AMD 64 X2 5600+ is 5 when it should be 14, so the processor speed is showing as 1000mhz instaed of 2800mhz. My WEI score for the processor is 5.3 so I don't know if MS uses the info from the processor or actually runs a benchmark against it. Any ideas?? thanks, Richard
  • 5. task bar look
    every time i restart my comp. when the comp starts i get windows 2000 look no matter what i have the coller and appearance set at it still comes back to the 2ooo look how do i stop it from changing the appearance

Permission to install .dll file? Where do I do that?

Postby Prose » Tue, 19 Sep 2006 02:59:43 GMT

I have been running RC1 for 4 days now and overall, really like it. One 
problem that I have run in to, however, is getting WinX DVD Ripper to run. I 
get an error message about a .dll file missing so downloaded the file but 
when I went to save it in my windows/system directory, it won't save as it 
says it must have administrator permission. Well I am the administrator and 
I want anything that I want to save to just save and shut up about it, lol! 
It saved to my user/admin file instead.

Do any of you know where I can set those permissions?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Permission to install .dll file? Where do I do that?

Postby Prose » Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:13:30 GMT

That solved the problem. Thanks!

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