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Speeding up Bitmaps Loading

Postby Perlom » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 00:20:03 GMT

I am trying to load a sequence of large bitmaps (720*486) and then loop thru
each pixel and convert its color space form RGB to YCbCr which is used in TV
broadcasting. I'm using VB.NET.  Unfortunately, the overall process came up
to be real slow specially when running this on 300 frames (around 3
minutes).  The steps are:

 - Loop thru al files to load each bitmap:
        Dim mBitmap as Bitmap = Bitmap.FromFile(FileName(i))

 - Loop thru each pixel, get the color, and apply mathematical conversion
        For J = 0 to mBitmapHeight
            For K = 0 to mBitmapWidth
                  mColor = mBitmap.GetPixel(K,J)
                  Y = (Some math function involving R,G,B Values)
                  Cb= (Some math function involving R,G,B Values)
                  Cr= (Some math function involving R,G,B Values)
                  mFile.Write( values)

After doing some analysis, I found that the bottle nock is loading the
Bitmap step.  I am wondering if there any faster way to load a Bitmap. I
read on the MSDN site about Cashed Bitmaps, but I wasn't able to find an
example.  Anybody has a suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards.

Re: Speeding up Bitmaps Loading

Postby Philip Taylor [ATI] » Sat, 19 Jun 2004 01:15:13 GMT

load it as a DirectX texture, and access it that way, since GDI based access
are usually slower than DX accesses.

this requires you to understand the texture format to such a level of detail
you dont have to depend on GDIs format conversion, which is usually the slow

if its really just the file access thats the bottleneck, than DX cant help
you much and this forum isnt the right place to ask.


Re: Speeding up Bitmaps Loading

Postby Perlom » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 00:25:25 GMT

Thanks Phillip for the Info.  Can you direct me to where I can find few
samples about the method you suggested, or to which forum I should ask?

kind regards.

"Philip Taylor [ATI]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in



Re: Speeding up Bitmaps Loading

Postby Shaun Pudwell » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:29:09 GMT

I would have thought it would be better to create a C++ DLL to do the work
as processing a double loop like that in VB is going to be abysmally slow.



Re: Speeding up Bitmaps Loading

Postby Phil Taylor » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 01:23:32 GMT

doesnt one of the SDK samples lock the texture and access the bits?

grep the samples on lock.



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