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  • 1. VB.NET Image.Save(Filename,Fileformat) Error...
    Visual Basic. Net 2003 - Sample Code Fragment: --- Dim TempBitmap As New Bitmap(PictureBox1.Image) . . . ' Save the Picture TempBitmap.Save(SaveFilename, Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg) --- Have a program that I'm writing that needs to save an image based on user input. Problem is that when the same program tries to open the file to get the filesize or say to copy the file to a different directory that the program occasionally thinks that the "SaveFilename" File is "in use". --- ' Find Filesize! Try FileOpen(1, Filename, OpenMode.Input) Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(Filename &" is in use!" Exit Sub End Try ' Filesize = LOF(1) FileClose(1) --- As far as I know I have all the latest patches applied for Windows XP, VB.Net 2003, and .Net Framework. Any work arounds or hints on how to resolve this? Bill N.
  • 2. Visio 2003
    I have a Visual Basic 6 Application which automates the drawing of an organization chart using the "GlueTo" method in Visio 2002. However, after upgrading to Visio 2003, the connecting lines do not get drawn correctly. Do you have any idea if "Glue to" method is available in Visio 2003? Thanks


Postby Gert-Jan Vons » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 00:36:44 GMT

while reading the GDI docs I came across DI_APPBANDING (see DOCINFO),
described  as "Applications that use banding should set this flag for
optimal performance during printing."

Unfortunately, that is all the documentation I found; does someone know
what this flag actually does and what an application is supposed to do with

(I need to print some large (D, E-size) bitmaps, and banding should
significantly reduce the memory requirements which is why I'm interested in
finding out more about this flag)


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