No WM_RBUTTONUP / WM_NCRBUTTONUP when custom frame window mini

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  • 1. yet another font substitution issue!!
    Hi I have an issue with font substitution.I have an italic text which uses Arial as it font.I have been combining font's name along with its style to get its PSname which i use for further processing.However there are cases where a glyph might be present in Arial and not present in ArialItalic.Also there are cases where corresponding to same glypid in both the fonts,the glyphs vary.Is there any way using some uniscribe functions to know beforehand whether i should be using Arial as the fontname or ArialItalic? Please help me with the issue.
  • 2. GDI on GDI+ via CreateDIBSection
    I have been under the impression for a while now that GDI/GDI+ interoperability was limited to very slow techniques that involved intermediary buffers, at least when the destination is an off-screen buffer. (For instance, calling GetHDC on an off-screen Graphics is very slow, as it creates a temporary buffer for the HDC and then copies it back. A similar problem apparently exists for creating a Graphics from an HDC.) However, I seem to have stumbled upon a solution that works quite well, and I can't understand why this isn't part of the canon so I bet I'm missing something. If I create a backing store using CreateDIBSection, and then take the pointer it gives me and create a GDI+ Bitmap from it, and then a Graphics from the Bitmap, rendering does modify the original HBITMAP. Even better, as long as I end it with a GdiFlush, GDI drawing interleaves quite nicely, all modifying the same buffer. Is this going to get me into trouble, or have I just found the golden ticket? Thanks, Damian
  • 3. How to specify use of banner/separator sheet when printing directly
    I have a situation where I have PCL data I want to dump directly to a network printer which IS NOT mapped as a local printer. Using OpenPrinter(), etc. to connect directly to the network printer, I can get this to work. However, I can't figure out how to (optionally) specify a banner sheet. In the netware world, you just set a flag when you send the job to the queue, but there is nothing obvious under the MS API. Can anyone point me in the right direction? tia, Patrick -- Patrick Maloney New York State Workers' Compensation Board (Remove REMOVE from e-mail address to reply)
  • 4. GDIGETPAGECOUNT() not giving correct result
    HI, I am using gdigetpagecount() to find number of pages in print processor and its not returning correct value for odd number of pages.In MSDN , It is written that gdigetpagehandle() in a loop will give the page count. Can anyone Please show me how to use gdigetpagehandle(). Also, I found the problem occurs only when i am using office 2007and with odd number of pages. For odd number pages, gdigetpagehandle() returns even number which is actually (pagecount + 1). Can anyone tell me , why this function returns even value for odd number of pages and how to use it correctly to make my program application independent. Forget to mension that it works fine with all other application, (also work with even number of pages for office 2007). Please give you suggestions. Thanks sandip
  • 5. Spot Color
    I would like to add spot colors to the document I am printing. GDI does not seem to have the concept of spot color built in. I would be using a very high end CMYK printer which has provision for 2 spot color inks. How can I pass this information to the driver and thus to the printer. I know that publishing software on windows like MS publisher etc. allow use of spot colors. Thanks Mohammed

Re: No WM_RBUTTONUP / WM_NCRBUTTONUP when custom frame window mini

Postby RGFrb3RhIFJpZGdl » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 04:40:01 GMT

Because all the other apps on the taskbar display a context menu when you 
right click them, in their minimized state.  Mine doesn't.  I'm trying to 
change all that.

Re: No WM_RBUTTONUP / WM_NCRBUTTONUP when custom frame window mini

Postby Scott Seligman » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 06:10:35 GMT

The task bar itself gets the mouse messages.  It sends a 0x0313
(apparently undocumented) message to the window.  DefWindowProc will
normally turn this into a popup menu.

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Re: No WM_RBUTTONUP / WM_NCRBUTTONUP when custom frame window mini

Postby RGFrb3RhIFJpZGdl » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:39:00 GMT

Mr. Scott, I need more power ... you have saved the day.  I was already 
working with 0x313; I dropped it BECAUSE it's undocumented.  It seemed like a 
hack and therefore unreliable but no other indicator of a right comes 
through.  If somebody else is relying on this, then I'll use it.  

Of course, why a WM_CONTEXTMENU message isn't generted on a minimized custom 
frame is beyond me; given MS hiring standards, one would expect a few 
thousand times better.

It makes one wonder why the most benign, harmless question begets an attack 
as a response.  "I'm not sure why you expect a minimized window to receive 
mouse messages... "  I wouldn't want to be that guy's wife ... or kid ... 
thanks for the help, Scott!!!

Re: No WM_RBUTTONUP / WM_NCRBUTTONUP when custom frame window mini

Postby Mark Salsbery [MVP] » Fri, 08 Feb 2008 09:00:02 GMT

It wasn't an attack.  It was tongue in cheek, programmer to programmer chat, 
the same way I'd talk to my colleagues, but then you can't get that from 
text - well maybe you can, in which case you were wrong :)

I'll try to use more "emoticons" from now on.

Sorry you got the wrong impression and glad you got the solution.


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

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