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    Hello all, I've been using the Win32 TAPI dll for some time now, both in VB and VC++. Now I want to migrate some applications to .NET (I don't know why:). Can anyone point me to some sample applications written in C#, so I can get started? Thanks in advance! Manuel Ricca
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    Hi i am a new to this tapi stuff ....i have a few questions to ask as i m stuck . i m using tapi 3 with C# the problem is that it does not register all sort of modems , i m unable to understand why ? here is a code that m using. TapiClass tapiObject = new TapiClass(); tapiObject = new TAPIClass(); tapiObject.Initialize(); addressEnum = tapiObject.EnumerateAddresses(); //Enumerate them into an array and then trying to register the line i have to use . int register = tapiObject.RegisterCallNotifications(address[selectedLine],true,true,TapiConstants.TAPIMEDIATYPE_AUDIO,2); the problem is that its registering Motorolla 56k Speaker phone modem but not any of the diamond supra 56e pro and diamond 56 i pro . What can be the problem ....The two diamond supra modems are successfully registered through some win32 methods not provided in tapi3 . Any idea ..... ??? Does Tapi has any limitations or some modem doesnt supprt tapi3 . Secondly , i m trying to transfer a pstn call to VOIP call ..how is this possible through tapi3 . Thanks . Any help will be highly appreciated . Tabish
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    Hi, I've tried some sample codes to run a simple answering machine which is capable of playing, recording wave and detecting DTMF. During playing or recording, I want the user can press a touch tone to stop recording or to stop the prompt message that is playing. How to achieve this? And, is there any function like silence detection in TAPI? Thanks. Patrick
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    Hi All, I have been using tapi for a couple of years, and now after upgrading to Windows XP I suffer from modem problems. I'v tryed already 3 voice modems, but none works fine with all categories- detecting droping the line by the other party, poor voice quality, and so on. Can someone recommend on some modems that were aproved with Windows XP. If someone knows more then one, please indicate that because I'm not sure I can purchase the first one in my hometown. Thanks In Advance I. Greg
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    I am writing an application in VB6 that links to a phone system using TAPI 2.0, I have pretty much acheived everything i set out to do apart from one thing ! I need to do a linegetproviderlist and place the output in an array. I can get the list ok but can't think how i would place the LINEPROVIDERENTRY that follows into an array. Reading various posts from Michael and Andreas I see that this is very difficult but i don't see anyone with a solution. I am using native vb code only. Is it possible ?

Where to find document for IID_IT...

Postby Chu Bun » Fri, 05 Feb 2010 06:42:19 GMT

Is there a document page for the interface IDs?  For example,

pAddress->QueryInterface(IID_ITMediaSupport,(void **)&pMediaSupport);		

I searched for "IID_ITMediaSupport" and can only find it being used in a 
sample code.  I see a few more defined in Tapi3if.h, but it's not quite 
clear what they are for.  Is there any documentation or I'll need to 
look at the sample codes?

Re: Where to find document for IID_IT...

Postby Andreas Marschall [exMVP TAPI] » Fri, 05 Feb 2010 12:04:20 GMT

"Chu Bun" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > schrieb im Newsbeitrag 

none that I know of.

I've seen it being defined in TAPI3IF.H and TAPI3.H,
used in "Select an Address" MSDN code snippet and some P-SDK samples 
(tapisend, tapirecv, Incoming, Outgoing, FileTerm, AnsMach, acdclient).

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