why i get the negative value of font height

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why i get the negative value of font height

Postby jaimie » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:24:56 GMT

Hi, Below is the part of my code. I am wondering why i get the negative
value of font height

lfptr = (LOGFONT*)(&lpIMC->lfFont);
memcpy( &lf2, lfptr, sizeof( lf2) );
// Convert unicode font face to ANSI encoding
		CP_ACP, 0, (LPCWSTR)lfptr->lfFaceName,
		(LPSTR)lf2.lfFaceName, (int)sizeof(lf2.lfFaceName), NULL, NULL);

lf2.lfHeight <--- which is a negative value.
How do i may into the real height to paint the corrent location?
Thanks in advance.

Re: why i get the negative value of font height

Postby Christian ASTOR » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:03:40 GMT


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