Fatal Exception 06 at 0028:00000017

Windows 98


  • 1. control panel apps do not open
    when i go into control panel, and i click on an icon such as "system" or "add/remove programs" nothing happens. Also, when i click on a music file in windows explorer, to play through the default music player, it automatically corrupts the file and it changes into an .exe file. Real crazy. Anyone got a solution?
  • 2. Slow Applications
    Is there a reason for my applications running slowly when I close them? Insted of quickly minimizing they close gradually in blocks down the screen. Please help! Thanks
  • 3. registry restore period
    When I restore the registry, I have only 5 days of options from which to restore. Is it possible to have more than that? Thanks AJS
  • 4. Toolbar
    I can't get the tool bar from the horizontal position. All of a sudden it went horizontal from vertical and I cant get it back on the bottom. Help!!!!
  • 5. start.exe missing????
    Where did my start.exe go??? It's gone and I can't open any of my programs!!!! Can anyone help? I can't believe Explorer is still working...I can't open Outlook Express! My life is on hold!! Please tell me what to do! I've tried everything and searched everywhere! THANKS!

Fatal Exception 06 at 0028:00000017

Postby anthony » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 13:55:12 GMT

I continue receiving the following message - freezing up 
the PC on a 1/2 hr, hourly basis.  Anyone have any 
suggestions for a fix?  - Please help with suggestions!

"A fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0028:00000017."

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