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  • 1. Windows goes into "hypermode"
    I have been haing a problem with my computer. It happened once last week and I didn't notice the full extent of it. This week it has happened 5 times in one day. Nothing today so far. What will happen is my programs will start running super fast and things will blink fast as well. I check my clock and it is flying. it can go forward a half hour within minutes. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? This is a new custom built computer and I just reformatted it not long ago. Kelly
  • 2. Black Screen, and screen saver eating bandwidth??
    OK this is a sluth of problems, Win98 machine, that on ocasion will all of a sudden go to a black screen witha blinking cursor, I wont even be at the computer and it will do it. I was told it was due to my cache being too large-this computer is not connected to the net, and I back up my docs (excel and word) on my desktop and i was told it creates the temp files if i save it on the COMPUTER as opposed to the server. So supplosy this causes this screen to crash, if I have too many temps due to me saving on the harddrive. I was told that it creates too many "temparay docutments in my temp folder and it will then crash" and changing of my screen res from 8x6 to 1024X768 caused this black screen to appear on occasion. NOW the other issue is that if i use a different screen saver it will slow down the network?? PLease tell me this is not true because it makes no sense at all. Please email me if at all possible, XXXX@XXXXX.COM Thanks, Justin
  • 3. Norton Antivirus reports Trojan Virus on Services32.exe on Windows 98
    Norton Antivirus recently quarantined a file in C:\Windows (Services32.exe). It sounds like an important file, but I realize that sometimes viruses use hoax file names. I searched my Win98 CD and couldn't find the file in any of the CAB files. Is this a genuine Microsoft file? If so, where can I get it? I couldn't find it on Microsoft. Thanks!

Lost ,,,

Postby Jacek » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:26:02 GMT

I lost NTDLL.DLL:_strimp. from Windows Milenium

Re: Lost ,,,

Postby glee » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:42:49 GMT

Read this and re-post your question in a Windows ME group....this is a Windows 98 group:

Glen Ventura, MS MVP W95/98 Systems

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