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black screen on mpegs

Postby nick » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:40:13 GMT


When i try to play Mpegs Media Player makes the monitor 
go black. I cannot end the task to get back to my 
desktop. This means that i have to reboot the PC before i 
can use it again. Not ideal! I have upgraded to the 
latest version of media player but still with no joy. 
Anyone else had the same problem?

Regards and thanks


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Hi all,

Media Player 10 has been working fine for a couple of months on an
almost new IBM Thinkcentre with a gig of RAM and XP Professional.

Just installed Pinnacle Studio version 9 video capture that came with
Moviebox USB, captured some video and all worked very well including
playback in Windows Media Player 10 of newly captured mpegs and old

I then upgraded to Studio 9.4.3 and that worked fine too until I tried
to playback mpegs in Media Player.  MP10 went to full screen with a
plain black screen and did nothing more.

MP3, ASF, WMV and AVI files play ok in MP10 but no mpg or wav files. I
tried an mpeg with no sound and same problem. Dragging and dropping,
file open, play from play list etc all lock up MP10.  If I persist I
eventually get the "end program submit error details to Microsoft
message" with something about (not sure of the exact name
because the PC is at work).

The mpegs will play no problem in Quicktime player and Intervideo DVD.

I downloaded and installed Media Player 10 from Microsoft (which I
would assume was patched), same problem (However I had NOT uninstalled
media player before doing this).

I also downloaded the Media Player codecs (for MP7 and up) from
Microsoft and still no good.

Also tried inserting an mpg file into Powerpoint and it locked that up
as well.

I just downloaded XP Codec Pack 1.2.1 based on the experience of this
group but I'm not game to install it just yet.

Thanks for considering this, I have found Media Player to be quite
reliable in the past and this is frustrating. 



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video field is black and the audio is fine.  With a normal 
PC monitor the whole a/v presentation displays just fine.  
The a/v presentations are part of an application that 
installs DirectShow.  If I run the app, the same thing 
happens with the black video area.  If I run the app then 
stop the mpeg running in the app and open up any one of 
the a/v's in Media Player, it will play just fine through 
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video, Win XP Pro.  This is the same problem I am having 
with a different projector playing DVD's on a Win 2k 
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Hello all,

Running XP Pro, my computer starts up seemingly fine, loads as far as
the windows splash screen with the little blue progress bar and then
the screen goes black for about 10 minutes and then the welcome screen

After this, performance seems normal.  During the black screen the
monitor doesn't go into standby so I assume the graphics card is
outputting a signal.  Just not sure why it stays black for so long.

Any ideas gratefully appreciated.  Thanks a lot.


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off, nor reboot without my manual intervention (hitting 
reset button or power switch). System had 
rebooted/shutdown fine during initial install of OS. After 
many programs were added is when problem appeared. Even 
tried another formatted disk with OS and programs and ran 
into same effect, though not after a specific program was 
loaded or any other effort that was identical with other 
hard disk.

Thoughts appreciated and entertained.

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