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  • 1. slow outlook performance with 15+ users 2003 SBS remote desktop
    Hei I have problems with Outlook 2003 / Office 2003 running on a Windows 2003 SBS. User are conntecting via a Remote Desktop connection. Terminal Services. Total users: 50, during normal days around 20 users online. With around 15 users online, outlook is getting really slow. Is there a way to make outlook performe better? The server is dual core 3.8 with 4 GB RAM. 2,5 GB RAM in use with 15 users online. CPU load not bad at all, 10-20 prosent. Microsoft writes that using Word as email editor makes outlook slow. User have to run Word as editor because of some features f.ex. spell check. Thanks for any idea. Thomas / Norway
  • 2. Transferring Terminal Server License
    I need some help/advice transferring TS Licenses from an old Windows Server 2003 server to a new Citrix server running Windows Server 2003. Below is a detailed description of how our Citrix farm is setup and what is required: We currently have FIVE Citrix servers running Windows Server 2003. FOUR of these are Presentation Servers and ONE is the License Server (NOTE: The License Server is setup as a presentation server but is not used as one). We currently have the TS Licenses residing on an old server which was setup before we went down the Citrix route. Currently the Citrix Farm is pointing to the TS Licenses on this old server. We would now like to move the TS Licenses from the old server on to one of the new Citrix servers (preferably to the License Server) and configure everything so that all the Presentation Servers know where to look for the TS Licenses. Could someone please explain to me in detail how I can go about making this transfer? My major worry is that ALL the Citrix Servers currently have the role of a Terminal Server. I know this may cause a problem because TS Licenses can not reside on a server which has the role of a Terminal Server (I may be wrong here as I not 100% sure about this) Any help would be appreciated greatly!
  • 3. Printer Limit
    I have many network printer installed on my computer but when i connect to terminal server it shows me only two printers. Is there any limit for printers in terminal server session. Secondly, is it possible for the administrator to connect to a disconnected (not logged off) client without user's password? Thanks!
  • 4. Which API is used to Enter the User Credentials?
    Hi, I am developing an application to connect to Windows 2003 Terminal Server remotely. So can you guide me which API is to be used to enter the user credentials (user name and password) in order to connect to the Terminal Server. -- thanks Jassi

outlook webaccess

Postby R2VlcnRBbGFyY29u » Fri, 25 Aug 2006 00:02:02 GMT

Is it possible to, like with SBS 2003, to configure a outlook webaccess etc

Thank you in advance for your answer

Re: outlook webaccess

Postby Drew Hammond [MS] » Thu, 31 Aug 2006 01:19:18 GMT


You should be able to configure outlook web access with SBS 2003.  There's a 
document here which should be able help you plan & deply that and other 
remote access solutions: 


Drew Hammond
Terminal Services Developer in Test
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