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bugs, ActiveX and registry

Postby S2VpdGgtaW4tSW5keQ » Thu, 06 Oct 2005 01:00:03 GMT

Hi all,

A friend's brother brought me his PC, which is royally infected.  I've 
managed to manually remove some via file tracing using 'msconfig' and 
'regedit'.  I've attempted to do an on-line scan from Trend or Norton, but 
the remote utility reports issues with ActiveX (same on the MS Update site).  
He has Panda loaded on the system, but it hasn't been updated since April and 
now won't run.

Tonight I'll try the stand-alone DOS version of Trend to do a little more 
cleaning, probably also Spybot.  I saw the posting suggesting Stinger, so 
that may be my backup plan.  I've done a recovery reload of XP (Home Ed), but 
I still have some issues.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  If none of the above works, I will 
flush the disk and reload from scratch.

One other question...  is there a Registry tutorial on the KnowledgeBase or 
a book that goes into depth?  I know enough to backup and search for entries 
I want to delete or modify, but some areas have absolutely no meaning to me.


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