Licensing issue

Windows XP

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Licensing issue

Postby RD » Fri, 11 Jul 2008 08:16:23 GMT

In brief in would like to install a educational volume license version of XP
PRO over top of XP Home OEM version. Can this be done without having to
reformat and reinstall?

I installed the latter by mistake and now need to correct the installation
license. In case someone is wondering I own both copies.


Re: Licensing issue

Postby Ron Badour » Fri, 11 Jul 2008 10:50:25 GMT

I don't know if the educational XP Pro is an OEM or retail model.  An OEM 
version is designed to be installed on a drive without a system.  A retail 
version will install clean or do an upgrade.  I guess the easiest way to 
tell if you can do an over the top install is to put the Pro CD in the drive 
and see what choices you are given.


Ron Badour
MS MVP Shell User

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3.Issues with SBS Prdouct Key License issue

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During the installation of SBS server, I reach a point where it requires the 
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1. I searched my shipping material. I do not have any product keys in any 
form on the CD media or shipping documentation. There are no stickers, papers 
or codes anywhere. I have looked at this about 10 times, and I even had 
another person verify this to make sure I wasn't blind. According to the MS 
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3. Again, according to the MS Licensing webiste, I should call the Product 
Activation Center for the product keys. I have done so, three times. I am 
connected to a call center in India (which I should note, all agents have had 
very good English skills) where I provide my License and Authorization 
numbers. When I explain the problem, all three agents replied the same way:
 - SBS Server shouldn't need a product key (excuse me??)
 - A product key should have been provided with the media (which directly 
contradicts the MS website)
 - If I install the SBS server they can verify the product key with me (but 
I can't install the OS, that's the problem!!!)
 - They cannot provide me with a product key, I need to contact my vendor.

Again, all three agents, while very polite and professional, have all said 
the identical statements. None of them could get through the concept that I 
can't install the OS without the Product Key, they keep repeating that I 
shouldn't need a product key. One agent actually sat on the phone with me as 
I attempted a new installation, and when I reached the part that asked for 
the product key, she acted like she didn't believe me. Then we suddenly got 
disconnected (hmm, go figure).

4. I contacted my sales rep at CDW (great guy, very helpful). He connected 
me with their support group on software licensing. The support agent couldn't 
figure out why eopen doesn't display the product key (I took a screenshot to 
show him) and stated that CDW does not have the capability to re-issue a new 
product key - only MS can do that (which makes sense). The Agent tried a few 
more things and ended up stumped, with the recommendation that I call MS.

At this point I am stumped. I have attempted the installation about 5 times, 
I've checked and re-checked all of my documentation and eopen information. 
According to MS, all of my license questions on this issue will be routed to 
the Product Activation Center and I have no hope of getting an answer there.

I've installed about a hundred various MS servers in my career, and I've 
never run into this problem before. I'm completely frustrated.

Does anyone have any ideas, or has run into this before? Does anyone have a 
contact at MS that might be able to help me?

Any and all advice will be appreciated....


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Can someone please help me get past this?


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