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  • 1. Can't see Dell Laptop on home network
    I have a peer-to-peer wired and wireless network at home with 4 computers connected. Two of the computers are laptops and connect wirelessly through a Linksys WCG200 router. One is an IBM ThinkPad laptop and it connects wirelessly AOK to both the internet and to the other computers and associated printers. The second laptop is this Dell Inspiron 1150 on which I'm typing this tech support request. I can connect to the internet through the Linksys WCG200, but I cannot connect to the other machines on the network. Also, the other machines can see my Dell laptop but they too cannot connect to my Dell Laptop. I have called Dell and they have directed me to work with Microsoft support as the issue is a Windows networking problem. I need to be able to connect to the internet and to the printers attached to the main Dell desktop system - all wirelessly. Since the ThinkPad connects to all just fine, surely I can get the Dell laptop to do same. I have turned off encryption on the router, turned off Firewall settings on all computers, but still no connection. How do I solve this connection problem?
  • 2. website comes up with page cannot be found
    when i go into a website and i try to view the pictures i get a message telling me this page cannot be found. i was wondering if anyone can help me with fixing this? i have a 3000 sempion processor and 80 GB and 256 MB computer. thank you. any help would be appreciated.
  • 3. Broadband conncetion
    Hi. I bought a Belkin Wireless G router, have DSL with Desktop and Notebook. Both have WXP. When trying to run new connection wizard the option "conncet using a broadband connection that requires a user name ans password" won't appear. I can only see "connect using a broadband connection that is always on". What can I do ? Thanks, D.
  • 4. hiding a shared file
    on my desktop I have a shared folder (the entire of my docs) as I work on them on my laptop while my wife uses desktop. The thing is I want to hide the docs from view as I don't want my kids accidently deleting my precious work. I know I can make the files private but then I can not share with the laptop. I keep good back ups but my 5 year old goes on mad clicking runs and I fear for years of work. David


Postby TUVC » Thu, 07 Jul 2005 03:43:03 GMT

We have a 2003AD environment with mixed W2K and WXP Pro machines.  All 
laptops run BlackICE firewall (in addition to our firewall device).  My 
BlackICE is showing hundreds of hits from another user today with event 
"UDP_Probe_Other".  The "intruder" is the user's AD name 
"JoeSmith.domain.com".  I looked at the machine in question - got rid of 
negligible spyware (mainly cookies), ran clean antivirus, didn't see any 
questional services or processes, disabled AEGIS protocol and IEEE.  The LAN 
firewall shows nothing unusual.  Nothing looks out of the ordinary yet for 
some reason her machine is bombarding me, and maybe others, with this 
"UDP_Probe_Other" traffic.

Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

Re: UDP_Probe_Other

Postby allan_grossman » Thu, 07 Jul 2005 19:38:46 GMT

Yup.  Got an idea  ;-)

What's running on this machine that's not running on the other
machines?  Running Task Manager might tell you what's different - if
that doesn't work, open a command prompt window and type 'tasklist
/svc' (without the quotes) and that will tell you what services are
running under a svchost wrapper.

Clearly something's different on the machine - between task manager and
tasklist you should be able to determine what it is and then shut it

Good luck!

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