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TS License

Postby Arnel » Sun, 02 May 2004 02:58:09 GMT

We have users logging on remotely to a terminal server.  
Our servers are running Windows 2K3 with the latest 
patches installed.  There is this one particular user 
wherein when he logged in, the terminal server gave the 
laptop a temporary license even though there are still 
free licenses available.  The user is using a desktop 
running Windows 2000 Pro.  All other users that have 
logged in was given a permanent license except him.  We 
also did the transition regarding clients running XP Pro 
that were purchased prior to April 24 or 25 (release date 
of Windows 2k3).  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


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handing out temp licenses.  What is the best method to correct this issue ?

I'm guessing that the 2K3 should become the license server and to turn off 
the 2K licensing.

Next question, my client is having trouble finding the authentication keys 
for his CALs.

Alternatively, I'm thinking about upgrading the 2K server OS to 2K3 (its the 
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Network Solutions of Missouri

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