• 1. Cannot browse to one netbios name
    I'm having a very strange Windows browsing issue on one server. It a windows 2000 server SP4 fully patched that is a member server of a domain. The server is multi-homed. I have a similar box that it is nework load balanced with and that server runs fine. I cannot browse using the \\UNC reference from this one server to just one other server. I get the error: "The specified name is no longer available." right away. No delay at all. The other server is a similar build as well. I can browse to the other server via \\IPaddress and \\DNSName but not \\UNC. The real strange thing is that I can browse to all other servers via \\UNC. I can also ping the other server by NetBIOS name. I just cannot browse to it. All other machines can browse to the destination server via \\UNC. I checked TCP/IP settings, checked the lmhosts file, check hosts file, cleared NetBIOS cache and DNS cache (nbtstat -R and ipconfig /flushdns). I even added a static NetBIOS entry into the lmhosts file and that loaded into the NetBIOS cache and I still cannot browse to the server via UNC. I even disabled virus protection and that didn't help. I have no firewall software running on either boxes. It is strange that I can get to all other servers in the same and other subnets except for this one. I saw no errors in the event log. Any ideas?
  • 2. PPTP VPN through a IPSEC VPN
    Hi, I currently have a remote office that is connected back to our headquarters using a IPSEC VPN. This vpn is a managed service using a Netgate 7100 on the remote side and a Cisco3k at the main site. Users at the remote site connect to a business partner using a PPTP VPN. When they enable "Use default gateway on remote network", there are no problems and the connection occurs immediatley. However, when this setting is disabled, the connection takes sometimes up to ten minutes to connect. Unfortunately, the users need to have their local access while connected to the vpn. I have packet captures of the connection attempts if that helps. Basically, I see the user workstation sending a FIN/ACK and then a RST packet. This happens for every connection attempt until the connection is finally made. Once the connection is made, it does not drop and there are no problems. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Matt
  • 3. Network Connection droping!!!!!!!!PLS Help me
    Hello: Since last week our network having prblem. users said they cannot no longer access the network drive. I ping from the server to other stations no response. After some time it's automatically reconect. users losing their data. I need your help I've windows 2000 server mostly workstations are winxp pro. Any help greatly apprecaited. thanks and have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4. Mapping Network Drive
    I had a network drive mapped on a local server to a remote server before. I disconnected the network drive. Now, when I try to reestablish that network mapped drive, I get the following error message. "the network folder specified is currently mapped use a different user name and password" What do I need to do to setup this mapped drive? Thanks. ...Joe


Postby Scott » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 12:42:36 GMT


Upon advise from another website I screwed up my 
login..... so now I cannot acces my laptop.

It was configured to use at work , connecting to a DOMAIN.

I was trying to get it to access my shared resources at 
home and was told to change MyComputer Identification 
FROM pointing to my WORKDOMAIN to point to my 
HOMEWORKGROUP.  When I did, It asked me to reboot.  Now 
it wants me to login (asking for USER name and PASSWORD) 
but no box for DOMAIN.  SO NOW I CANNOT log into my 
laptop to fix my Screwup.

Hwlp me get access to my laptop again .... PEASE


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