Drivers for Print Server - Question


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  • 1. Print Migrator 3.0
    Has anyone been able to actually get this utility to work? It sure seems to back up ad restore like a champ (From NT 4.0 (SP6a) to Windows 2000 (SP4), but when you stop the print services on the NT machine, printing most certainly does not resume from the 2000 server. Is there something I am missing, or does this utility still lack in functionality? I just want to pull printers off of my NT box and set them up on the 2000 server so my wide spread users still have printing capability without visiting each and every machine.
  • 2. Printer properties display
    When going to Printing preferences in Windows 2000 the screen image is larger then the screen and the screen is cut off. Some options are can't be selected. I'm guessing a font could be corrupt on this one machine. Any ideas on why this only happens with printer drivers? Thanks, Deb
  • 3. access denied, unable to connect to printer
    Hello, all. I am running W2k pro sp4 on nt4 lan. Have HP printer on NT print server. In my printers settings screen, I am showing a networked printer with the status, "access denied,unable to connect." I am member of domain admins group, etc. and have checked security on this and all looks okay. All items still print to the printer, but this status stays the same. Just appeared after 3 years of operating. Any ideas? Many thanks to all who respond!!!!
  • 4. Restarting Print Spooler Service
    When trying to restart the print spooler service, we receive Access Code is invalid and have to click Action from the toolbar and restart it from there. Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so how were you able to resolve it?

Drivers for Print Server - Question

Postby Q291cnRuZXkgUg » Fri, 13 May 2005 03:10:14 GMT

Setting up a new print server on a Windows 2000 Server.  We have 12 HP 
Printers on the domain.  Our client PC are a mix of NT 4, Win2000Pro, and 

Do I have to download the HP drivers for each client O/S?  Or, do I just 
need to download the PCL drivers for the Windows 2000 O/S, for the Server?

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ensure that they use a driver that is compatible with Windows XP.  Is there a 
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Setting up a new print server on a Windows 2000 Server.  We have 12 HP 
Printers on the domain.  Our client PC are a mix of NT 4, Win2000Pro, and 
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Hello chaps and ladies,

I have just rolled out a few 64 bit XP Pro clients and am having some
difficulties with our network printers. I have Lexmark Optra 1200,
W810 and M410s. The drivers for which *are* included with Windows XP
64 bit edition.... However, when I browse to those printers shared off
our network print server (32bit Windows 2003 Server) I get an error to
the effect that the print drivers on the server are not correct. That
is fine... They are not... However I have tried to update the Print
Server to add the 64 bit client drivers, but I cannot. How can I
extract the printer drivers from Windows XP 64? I can get the driver
files, but I am still lacking an inf file, and despite dumping all the
inf files that I can find which mention "Lexmark" from the Windows OS
directories and the driver files into a directory, the driver will not

Lexmark do not have any 64 bit print drivers on their website, so I
cannot got them from there. It seems ridiculous, that in effect, I
have the drivers, but I cannot deploy them for lack of an inf file.

Help! Any suggestions? 


Alex Griffin 

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processors). I have a handful of graphics workstations running 64 bit Windows 
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software printing for cost control. I have tried to first load the 32 bit 
version of say an HP 8100 PCL 6 driver, and then load the 64 bit version of 
the same HP 8100 PCL 6 driver. It will not load if I go into the sharing tab 
and load additional drivers for x64 as it tells me the folder where the x64 
driver is located does not contain information on the driver. If Igo through 
server properties and attempt to load the driver it finds the print driver, 
but as it begins to load it tells me it needs the Windows Server 2003 x64 
Disc as it's looking for the NTPRINT.inf from the AMD64 dir. I do have the 
media and I put it into the drive, but it keeps telling me it cannot locate 
the file! 

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a 32 bit OS, or tell me if this will even work?

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