Printers disappearing from folder


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    I'm trying to print an excel spreadsheet I have to an 11x17 size piece of paper. I've changed the paper size in the page setup and on print preview. First of all it doesn't even look like Excel is recognizing the change in the paper size I made secondly when I go to print i change the source and paper size but it stills prints on 8x11 paper from the main tray. I have loaded the correct paper in the tray I want to use but no luck...Ideas?
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    I recently upgraded to Windows 2000, and I downloaded and installed the appropriate printer driver from Hewlett Packard. The printer shows up in my printer folder, and the hardware connections are correct, but when I try to print, I get an error from the printer that indicates the serial interface is improperly configured. I have not been able to get to anyone at HP and would appreciate help from anyone who has had problems using an older printer with a newer operating system.
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    I am trying to install my Lexmark Z42. I have the CD and I keep getting the following message: "Printer operation cannot continue. Print subsystem is unavailable.
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    Hi, We are getting a new server to replace our old DC. The current DC is Win2k and the new server will be Win2k3. My question is, how do I install the new Win2k3 server to replace the old DC? I have ran a mental steps on how to do it and hope someone would correct me. 1. Install Win2k3 server. 2. Promote Win2k3 server to a DC. So there will be 2 DCs in the domain. (Any problem with 2 DC on 2 different OS versions?) 3. Replicate all the AD stuff from the Win2k server to Win2k3 server. (How to do it?) 4. Demote the Win2k DC to a member server. 5. By now, Win2k3 server has fully taken over the DC role. May I know are my steps correct? or I have missed out some important steps? I have not seen a Win2k3 server yet so any comments or help is greatly appreciated.
  • 5. Printing Crashes machine
    Ok, I am very perplexed by this. We have an NEC Superscript laser B&W printer attached to a W2k machine. The printer is shared. We also have a Tektronix 750 printer attached to the same computer and shared as well. 2 different share names. Everyone is able to print to both printers. BUT, some people experience a BSOD & REBOOT when printing only CERTAIN things to the NEC Superscript laser printer. But they are able to print the exact same job to the Tektronix. These tasks are printing Tasks from Outlook 2000 or a database diagram from MS SQL 2000. The printer server experiences no problems. I have replaced the drivers many times. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Vance Duke

Printers disappearing from folder

Postby Markus Kircher » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 22:06:24 GMT

Hi Matt!

Check the Print Spooler Service settings.
Looks like your spooler stops after a certain time.

You can restart it via the command "net start spooler".


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