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Postby Jeff Johnson » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 07:04:06 GMT

Has anyone deployed printers on clustered print servers using prnadmin.dll?
I have had a go but am having a few issues.


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1.Licensing quesiton prnadmin.dll on Win2k Resource CD

Can anyone from MS tell me the license policy on redistributing this
dll.  I need to include it as part of the install process of my
company's product and have noticed that it is not a free download of
any kind.

Any advice would be very helpful.

Marc Lampcov

2.prnadmin.dll questions

I'm using prnadmin.dll via a Word VBA macro (for those who want to read it, I'll paste the code to the end of this message) to setup a file printer to generate PCL5-compliant image files for faxing software that we're using.
I'm using a printer driver that is bundled in Windows, the HP LaserJet III, and installing the printer to the port "FILE:".
The installation goes perfectly, and I then set some properties of the printer, such as the comment, the datatype, the location, etc....

Now, here are my questions:

Another macro then prints to that printer, generating a fax file, and I've noticed that the printer icon in the System Tray lingers around for a long time (perhaps 30 seconds to 1 minute) after the file is produced and the status, according to the tooltip when I hover my mouse pointer over the System Tray icon, is "1 document(s) pending".  Double-clicking the icon brings up the queue window, which shows no documents pending.  Any ideas on why it may be hanging around so long?  It doesn't seem to have a deleterious effect; I can run the printing code immediately and produce another file.

Secondly, I have tentatively deployed this to a Win2k Terminal Services server with about 10 users.  The server has about 10 networked printers installed.  I noticed after I deployed my macros and the users had installed and were printing to the PCL5 fax printer (all via the VBA macros), that most of the networked printers somehow obtained a status of "Opening", and that my code was hanging at the line
Call oMaster.PrinterGet("", FAXPRINTER, oPrinter)
Trying to retrieve the fax printer in order to test for its existence.
This happened twice.  I had to reboot the server each time, and am watching it closely now.
Any ideas on using prnadmin in a multi-user environment?
Of course, I have no proof that the situation was caused by prnadmin, but the coincidence is suggestive.



Private Sub InstallPrinter()
  Const FAXPRINTER as String = "PCL5 fax printer"
  Static Registered As Boolean
  Dim oPrinter As Object
  Dim oMaster As Object
  On Error Resume Next
  Set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")
  Set oPrinter = CreateObject("Printer.Printer.1")
  If Err.Number = 429 Then  ' prnadmin.dll has not been registered
    ' attempt to register it, then call this sub again, but only once.
    If Not Registered Then
      Call Shell("regsvr32 /S prnadmin.dll", vbHide)
      Registered = True
      Call InstallPrinter
    End If
    Exit Sub
  End If
  ' check for the existance of the fax printer
  Call oMaster.PrinterGet("", FAXPRINTER, oPrinter)
  If Err.Number = -2147023095 Then
    ' the printer has not yet been installed, so install it using prnadmin.dll from the W2k reskit.
    oPrinter.ServerName = "" ' local computer
    oPrinter.PrinterName = FAXPRINTER
    oPrinter.DriverName = "HP LaserJet III"
    oPrinter.PortName = "FILE:"
    ' DriverPath and InfFile both default to the standard location.  W2k and XP should install with support for the HP LaserJet III printer.
    ' If we change the printer or find that 2k/XP doesn't always support the HP LJ III, we need to bundle driver and inf files with our app and point DriverPath and InfFile to that location, which isn't hard to do.
    Call oMaster.PrinterAdd(oPrinter)
    If Err.Number = 0 Then
      ' set the properties of the just-installed printer
      oMaster.PrinterGet "", FAXPRINTER, oPrinter
      oPrinter.Comment = "PCL 5 fax printer"
      oPrinter.Location = "Local Computer"
      oPrinter.DataType = "RAW"
      oPrinter.Default = False
      oPrinter.Shared = False
      oMaster.PrinterSet oPrinter
    End If
  End If
  Set oPrinter = Nothing
  Set oMaster = Nothing
End Sub

3.Problem to delete a Printer Driver when using "Prnadmin.dll" in vb


I am working on a vbs script whose purpose is to delete all the old printers and drivers installed on the Client PCs of my domain and to re-install from scratch all the printers available at my company on every Client Machine.

For that I am using the "prnadmin.dll" library supplied with the "Windows 2003 Resource Kit".
In the documentation, it is written that in order to delete a Printer Driver, we have to use the following method:
"oMaster.DriverDel oDriver"
where "oMaster" is the PrintMaster object and "oDriver" the driver object.

Here is the code that I used:

Dim oMaster		'ok
Dim oDriver		'ok
Dim oPrinter		'ok
Dim regEx

Set regEx= New RegExp

Set WshShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "regsvr32 /s c:\Prnadmin.dll",0,TRUE

set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")

For Each oDriver in oMaster.Drivers("")

	if regEx.Test(oDriver.ModelName) Then
		oMaster.DriverDel oDriver
	End If


The error that I get is the following:

Line concerned: "oMaster.DriverDel oDriver" 
Error:"The environment is incorrect"

Could someone help me out with this cuz I spent quite a bit of time trying to find out  what was the problem but in vain...
Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

4.Prnadmin.dll - DllRegisterServer failed 0*8007007e


on W2K SP2, German I have no trouble to register the prnadmin.dll with

With SP3 it doen't work, the message is: DllRegisterServer in
prnadmin.dll failed. Return code was 0x8007007e

Any Ideas?

Thanks  Martin

5.prnAdmin.dll not returning complete results

When I request a list of printers installed on a print server the script only 
returns about a fourth of the actual results.  I am using the prnAdmin.dll 
from the Resource Kit.  What is the problem?

set oMaster = CreateObject("PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1")
for each oPrinter in oMaster.Printers("\\ServerName")
    Response.write oPrinter.PrinterName & "<BR>"


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7. PrnAdmin.dll

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