Creating a 148" Postscript file



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Creating a 148" Postscript file

Postby jeff.childs@comaupico » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:34:26 GMT

Does anyone know how to create a 148" or greater 
postscript file using any free postscript driver ?

I need the file not an actual printt.

I am trying to use Ghost to convert this file into a PDF.


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Is there a way to print postscript (.ps) files on default (not
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If nobody knows of a tool like this, perhaps you could point me into the
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file? Some sort of PCL or what?


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I'm new to windows scripting and am trying to automate printing Word 
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Is this possible using scripting?  I've been experimenting with converting 
Word documents to HTML and other formats using the followimg script:

Const wdFormatHTML = 8

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set objDoc = _
objDoc.SaveAs "d:\winscripts\test.htm", wdFormatHTML

I was wondering if I could convert to Postscript a similar way?

I've seen a script to change the default printer, but as printing to a file 
is not strictly a "printer", it can't be made default.

Any help much appreciated!


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Thanks for help.

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