v5.0 Professional w/ADOExpress and Access 2000



  • 1. ADO: Excel VBA timeout error
    Hi there I'm using ADO 2.8 in Excel VBA 2003. When I retrieve an ADO recordset using a fairly long-running query from SQL Server (a minute or so to return results), I sometimes (unpredictably?) encounter a VBA timeout error. I have set the ADO connection object's timeout property to 0 ("infinite"). The recordset itself is created using the ADO command object, and I've set the command timeout value to 0 ("infinite"). The recordset object (understandably?) does not have a timeout property. I have experimented with different timeout values (up to 3000000) for both the command and connection objects, but it makes no difference. This makes it very difficult to run the procedure unattended. Perhaps the timeout arises on SQL Server's end? Or if, on the other hand, the error arises because the ADO "timeout" properties are not very effective, perhaps there is some way that I can trap the timeout error and attempt to requery the dataset when a timeout error occurs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Loane
  • 2. Reading Permissions For Database itself
    Hallo, i would read the permissions for a particular user for database itself in Access 2002. How suggested by MSDN Site resources I set the Name argument to Null and set the ObjectType argument to adPermObjDatabase. But i receive an error "object invalid or unknown to provider". The code is Dim catDb As ADOX.Catalog Dim usrPerms As ADOX.User Dim grpPerms As ADOX.Group Dim lngPerms As Long Dim objTable As Access.AccessObject Set catDb = New ADOX.Catalog With catDb .ActiveConnection = CurrentProject.Connection For Each usrPerms In .Users lngPerms = .Users(usrPerms.Name).GetPermissions(Null, adPermObjDatabase) For Each objTable In CurrentData.AllTables If Left(objTable.Name, 4) <> "MSys" Then lngPerms = .Users(usrPerms.Name).GetPermissions(objTable.Name, adPermObjTable) End If Next objTable next end with What's wrong ? Thanks in advance ? Aragorn
  • 3. Runtime Error 91
    Hi I have a VB6 Application wich connect to an Access 97 database. We have a function to connect to the database like this Dim wrkDefault As Workspace Set wrkDefault = DBEngine.Workspaces(0) Set objDatabase = wrkDefault.OpenDatabase(strConnectionString) In the references we are using the It works on all the computer, but today we found a problem with one computer. On this computer we have Microsoft Office 2003 with Access 2003 and Windows XP Home Edition. And each time we try to run the program we get the following error : Runtime Error 91 Object variable or width block not set and after that Runtime error 429 : ActiveX cannot create object Normally when we have this kind of problem we ask our customer to update their MDAC and jet version. But this time, it didn't work. The setup told me that the version of mdac is already updated. I checked the version with the MDAC Component Checker, and the version is MDAC 2.8 SP1. I tried to remove Access, make all the windows update. But nothing works. Can some help me ? Thanks

v5.0 Professional w/ADOExpress and Access 2000

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	I am trying to find a way to Insert/Delete fields in an existing table(s) 
using a ADODataSet in code.  I cannot find any help any place to show me 
those procedures.  Any help will be appreciated.


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