• 1. Changing an Access query using VC++
    Using VC++ is there a way of getting at the actual SQL command behind an Access query? I have tried to use ADOX::Catalog->GetProcedures() but that doesn't seem to include the queries. I can run the query by passing its name to a Recordset::Open() so I know the queries are there and work. Any ideas?
  • 2. Stored Procedure - Oracle with ADO
    Hello guys! I have a stored procedure in a Oracle 9 database, and I need to execute that using the Microsoft Ole Db Provider for Oracle (comes with ADO). The Oracle clients are already installed in my machine. This stored procedure returns both Recordsets and Parameters (in/out). To call her, I do this: 'sets and execute cmmCommand.Properties("PLSQLRSet") = True cmmCommand.CommandText = "{CALL CVG_INDEXES.spsml_GetDocument(?,?,?,?,?,?)}" Set rsReturn = cmmCommand.Execute 'collect results ResultNum = parParameter5.Value ResultMessage = parParameter6.Value Set ResultRecordset = rsReturn The code above works if I use the Oracle Provider for Ole DB, but the customer cannot use this provider. Then, using the Microsoft Ole Db Provider for Oracle , the error "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal." in the expression "cmmCommand.Properties("PLSQLRSet") = True". Any ideas about resolve this problem? []s Cesar
  • 3. ADO Installation
    Hallo zusammen, wir habe eine kleine Windows-Anwendung, die via ADO auf Access-Datenbanken zugreift. Kann mir einer sagen, was ich an Komponenten (MDAC, DCOM, ...) auf den verschiedenen Betriebssystemen f den ADO-Zugriff installieren muss? Systeme: Win 95 Win 98 Win NT Win 2000 Win ME Win XP Kann mir Installshield 6.12 mit vordefinierten Objekten weiterhelfen? Gru Haissel

Re: MDAC SP Woes

Postby Val Mazur » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 11:25:06 GMT


Could you post exact error message and error code?

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