Bush language and media language the same brutality (agressive business mentality)



  • 1. Ze Real
    Half a million Americans complained to NBC for Janet Jackson's breast. Zero Americans called C-SPAN to complain for Republican Radicalist Speaches. Zero. The Kaka Party dares to speak once and then the KaKa party is eliminated by the KKK. I've seen the KKK in action once. Men in black, wires in their ears, they carry guns inside their jackets. Not funny.
  • 2. KKK Sheriffs the world, right Bush?
    I wanna kick your radical KKK ass, Bush. ... So that's where the smell is coming from. Hmmmmmmm.
  • 3. Reality = anything not like US government is true.
    Because the US government is like KKK. KKK is spook, not real.

Bush language and media language the same brutality (agressive business mentality)

Postby George Bajszar » Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:58:16 GMT

Most may not agree with me on this. I know what I am
talking about. I am not a spammer. Right now I am
an anti-war basment philosopher, not an activist.

But there is a deep serious thought involved here.

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