Quantum physics ---- and applying insights from Turing's theorem to it


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Quantum physics ---- and applying insights from Turing's theorem to it

Postby erach27@gmail.com » Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:36:58 GMT

In quantum physics we have faster than light particles hypothesized.
Those are aleph_1 particles.
Has quantum physics hypothesized aleph_2 particles, aleph_3 particles,
aleph_4 particles, aleph_5 particles and so on.

How does this compare with multiverses.

Quantum physics very conveniently says there is an Observer --- but
what is the nature of the observer.


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1.Should Brain / Turing Machines / DNA Computers / Neural networks be modelled using quantum physics calculations

I'm summarizing what I learnt below,
Should Brain / Turing Machines / DNA Computers / Neural networks and
CONSCIOUSNESS be modelled using quantum physics calculations.

That you are a human being or a machine (without free will) you are
wondering.  But there is something called QUANTUM FIELDS which assures
free will (so said Dr S B Khadkikar --- who is retired head of
theoretical physics group, physics research laboratory, ahmedabad,
India) ---- but finally think of yourself as a person who has a
consciousness which is what a digital computer does not have (I


On Apr 7, 10:09 am, Lawson English < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

> A turing machine that doubles the speed of execution with every step can
> solve the halting problem. An infinitely connected neural network can
> also solve the halting problem.
> I can't comment on quantum dots.

Has anybody thought of the Theory of
A Turing machine whose speed doubles in the speed of execution with
every step ------------------ and whose cells are QUANTUM-SIZED in
order to make it possible to double the speed of execution every time
-------------- in other words, the speed doubles but the cell size


Also, please see the DNA- 3 SAT problem and the weird thesis's with
quantum computers ------------- how in hell is one going to program a
quantum computer to solve the human body if one does not have the

Please read "quantum dots consciousness" ----- respectable people are
arguuing that the brain is a quantum machine.

CONSCIOUSNESS for a digital computer is having a brain next to it and
saying that the brain agrees that the digital computer is conscious.

What is a brain --------------- how does one model the brain
------------- is it a quantum machine as everybody is arguuing -------
now it is not a completely connected neural net --------- but a
completely connected QUANTUM NEURAL NET --------- so it is not the
simple exponential equations that should be used ---- but the much
more complicated equations of QUANTUM PHYSICS.

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