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  • 1. So it looks like newer CFFA cards are gonna get a firmware update...
    I just read this from the CFFA website, which I'll shamelessly copy and paste text from: ----------------snip------------ If you have a CFFA 2.0 card from run 4 or run 5, you will be able to upgrade to firmware 2.0. Version 2.0 firmware new features list: (Firmware is still under development! This list may change) - About 25% faster read/write performance. This is basically the improvements Dave Schmenk found. - User configurable number of volumes supported. From 1 to 13 volumes can be selected. - Master/Slave support. Now two drives can be used simultaneously. This feature is not really designed to provide more storage, but mainly to allow copying files from one device to another with a single CFFA card. - Boot from any volume, via boot time keypress or permanent user configuration option. - User configuration menu, built into on-card firmware. -------------snip------------ Sounds cool, if you ask me. Production Run 6 is starting to shape up now too. -Warr
  • 2. Looking for the name of an old apple2 game
    Ok hopefully I can explain this game well enough. Its a very Dungeons and Dragons style game with very primative graphics. It had something to do with finding Rings , it was either 5 or 7 rings dont remember. It was turn based stick figure RPG , The rooms were simple , enter , exit , monsters ect. I remember fighting spiders and stuff like that. I dont remember if you had more then one person in your party but I think so. It is not lord of the rings or wizardry , the graphics were more simplistic but the combat was fun and it was interesting. Thanks
  • 3. WTB - SCSI Card
    I posted over on C2SA Marketplace, but it occurred to me that maybe not everyone follows that newsgroup, so thought I make mention of it here. Looking for a SCSI card, Ramfast or Apple HS. Also looking for a ROM3 and a good memory card. Contact me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM () () Rich ('-')

ID: Cards...

Postby Tony Cianfaglione » Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:24:57 GMT

Can someone identify the cards below and exactly what they do?  There
doesn't seem to be too much on them, if anything, via search engines.

Mockingboard SSP2000 Rev. D (1985)

Soundchaser (Passport Design 1980-1)

MMI DSC Board (1982)


Re: ID: Cards...

Postby Tony Cianfaglione » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 08:36:09 GMT

   You can find a couple of scans I did at:


   They came out a little dark but turning up the screen brightness helped
with viewing.

   There is a DAC OUT/SPK OUT phono jack selectable with a jumper and an
AUX. OUT phono jack.

   The writing on it is: MMI DAC BOARD 1982 Temp{*filter*}Acuity Products Inc.

   The gold chip has AD558JD 8244 written on it.  The other log chip has
LM3900N RAYC8236 on it and the short chip has P231 LM 386N-1 on it.

  There is a slide volume(?) control at the back of the card.


Re: ID: Cards...

Postby et472 » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:25:37 GMT

Tony Cianfaglione ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) writes:
Obviously, it's got some sort of digital to analog converter, with
speaker level output.

The LM386 is a small audio amplifier.

The LM3900 is a "quad norton amplifier", in other words, kind of like
op-amps and there are four of them in the package.

My first thought about the "558" is that it's the quad timer IC, which
is used (I think) in the Apple II for the joystick controller (and in
the IBM's joystick controller).

But that seems a bit off, and the "AD" prefix is Analog Devices;
not only did they not make timer ICs, but considering the labelling
of the board, that must be the DA converter.

A websearch verifies this, it's an 8-bit digital to analog converter
intended for interfacing to a CPU bus.

So it must be for generating sounds of some sort, be it music or
speech.  If those are the only ICs on the board, obviously it counts
on software to do much of the work.

I suppose the LM3900 is being used as a low pass filter, between the
DAC and the audio amplifier.


Re: ID: Cards...

Postby Tony Cianfaglione » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 06:01:00 GMT

Wow!  You know your stuff.

The DAC card, the Mockingboard and the Soundchaser are all in an
unenhanced 64k IIe.  The person I got it from said the stuff was in ther
when he got it and he never used it and didn't know what it was for.  I
wonder what the original use for all 3 cards together was for; if, indeed,
they were used together and not separately.

It would be great if someone with some time on their hands created a
reference website listing as many old A2 cards that could be identified
including scans, for posterity sake.


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