Loading DOS 3.3 from a file like ProDOS


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Loading DOS 3.3 from a file like ProDOS

Postby Moll » Mon, 28 Mar 2005 03:07:10 GMT

With 5 bytes of code (essentially LDA #$60, STA $BF30) stuck right below 
the run address of $2000, and resaving it as a BIN file, I made it so 
DOS.SYSTEM can be loaded and run from a DOS 3.3 disk.  This sounds 
useless in itself, and really, it is.

Now, there's a menu program, called Beautiful Boot, which installs 
itself into the boot track, providing a sort of mini-DOS, which can run 
any binary files if they are in the first 14 directory entries.

I'm musing about how one would make a bootloader that actually looks for 
a binary file named DOS 3.3, runs it if found, and if not, says NO 'DOS 
3.3' FOUND and exits to BASIC.


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