LEMI futureshock interface


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    Hi all, During my cable-making expedition, I experimented with some crimp pins and a D-Sub 9 crimp housing in order to make an Apple IIGS-to-PC serial adapter. The adapter has a Mini-Din 8 connector on one side and a D-Sub 9 male connector on the other. I wired the pins according to the commonly-used high-speed modem cable configuration, but with a D-Sub 9 connector instead of a D-Sub 25. I have tested this adapter briefly on an Apple IIGS and I was able to use it to communicate with my PC at 56 kbps. There are a couple of small issues with the adapter. First of all, I wasn't able to connect the shielding from the Mini-Din shell to the D-Sub 9 shell. In addition, the adapter ended up becoming very small, about 3" from end to end. I didn't intend to make such a small adapter, but it happened such as it was. Since this was an experimental/prototype project for me, I'm willing to give it away to the first person who e-mails me. Since Google Groups mangles e-mail address, you'll have to translate my e-mail address in order to respond to me. My e-mail address is naijireja_at_yahoo_dot_com, without the underscores, with _at_ replaced with @, and with _dot_ replaced with a dot (.). I cannot be held liable for any damages that arise from the use of this adapter. Thanks, --A.J.

LEMI futureshock interface

Postby Igor » Fri, 07 May 2004 04:02:03 GMT

Hello, I've just purchased this card on ebay but I can't find many
informations about it. Someone knows what is it about?


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I integrated Spiro Trikaliotis's TFE support into Applewin a while back. 
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emulation works fine.

I did not release the kegswin version as I never did finish the user 
interface configuration code.

I doesn't look like I am going to be able to do that anytime soon given 
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Bill Buckels wrote:
> "a2retro" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
>> Perhaps releasing a patch to kegs version 0.91?
>  Don't patch it Glenn! Release version .92.
> I didn't look at the code. What's it in? Did you just change the config 
> section and make the adjustments by hand? That could be handled by a readme 
> for now then add the UI stuff to version .93 if anyone else is interested.
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Hi Bill

I would normally submit suggested changes to Kent and let him release a 
new version when he was ready but it been quite some time since Kent has 
released a new version. Having said that I haven't actually tried to 
contact him about it (yet).

The code is standard "c". Kegs is supported under Windows, *nix and 
MacOS. My changes currently would only work under Windows.

Winpcap generates a device string that needs to be fed to some of the 
routines. I have my device string hard coded at the moment. The code 
required to finish off the support would need to a) enable/disable the 
interface and b) enumerate the interfaces via winpcap, let the user pick 
the one they want and then store that in the config be be read in and 
used in subsequent invocations.

Does anyone else have updates to kegs they would like to see integrated 
into a newer release?


5.A bunch of Interface cards, GS Woz edition, and misc

Sorry but I am not planning to sell right now, but in a couple of
weeks once I get everything sorted

But I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this stuff or what
it was worth. I found a box FULL of apple stuff and my cousin said I
could just have it so I have been playing around with it and havent
decided if I should sell it or not.

What I have is:

main hardware
Apple II GS (With Box) (has a weird RAM chip made in 1991 which you
can insert up to 4 smaller ram modules, also has the highspeed SCSI
and a "zip chip", mouse, keyboard)
Apple II GS Woz limited edition (w/o box) (the ram module is HUGE and
reaches from front to back, mouse, keyboard)
AppleColor Monitor (in box w/ styrofoam)
Apple ][ user guid

x3 Apple 5.25 drives
x2 apple 3.5drive
"qdrive" 170 meg harddrive (have found 0 info on it)
ranasysystems elite 3 (5.25 drive but doesnt have the right hook up
for the apple II, it is a smaller blue hookup)

Apple ][ HC joystick
suncom joystick
HC Apple licensed "hand controllers" (paddles with knobs and 2

Cards that plug into the mother board:
System Saver GSII power extender w/ switches
x3 Microsoft Softcard
Microsoft ram card (w/ instruction book)
Corvious systems transporter
RF modulator
x2 Apple IO controller
Encoder BD Apple II
x2 Disk II interface card
x2 Super serial card
Microbuffer II
AIIE 80Col Board (short I have only seen long ones)
x2 Prometheus Applesurance cards (have found nothing on these except
that they are "rare diagnostic cards")

a box full of misc business software and hacking books.

A BUNCH of keyboard modifiers. I dont know what they do but they are
labeled like "shift as you should" and "power DOS entry" and it looks
like modules you plug in to your keyboard or computer.

Like I said I dont know much about any of this stuff. Can someone help
me understand what it is so I dont get ripped off and more importantly
I correctly describe what they are to the person I am selling them to.

Also how do you find out how big the ram stick is?

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