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cpmtools Win32 wanted

Postby Bill Buckels » Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:36:27 GMT

I am currently struggling with compiling cpmtools 2.7 in win32.

I am assuming that support is provided for Apple CP/M disk images in this 
version and that 2.7 is in fact the latest version.

 http://www.**--****.com/ ~michael/cpmtools/

I would appreciate binaries that are already compiled if someone else has 
toughed-out what I am attempting.

My next best case scenario to having the work already done for me would be 
to have a working MinGW Makefile.

I'm probably out of luck and will actually need to do some work here, but 
thought I would ask anyway.


Re: cpmtools Win32 wanted

Postby Tarkin » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:06:44 GMT

Ok, win32 ... and sounds like you are using MinGW.
What, specifically, have you done so far? Or
are you staring at the butt-end of a string of errors
which is giving you a fright of terrors, after having
Make'd it w/ MinGW?

I'd like to help (if am able), because:
- I'd like to have cpmtools on win32 as well
- I've enjoyed the fruits of other people porting
 OSS stuff to win32 (gvim, tkgate, others)
- It would make for yet another way to torture
myself with computers (enjoyable, but still
frustrating, at times)

If others in this NG feels this strays to far
off topic, feel free to email me, and we can
collaborate off-usenet.

What, me worry?

Re: cpmtools Win32 wanted

Postby Tarkin » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:24:46 GMT

Oops, got it.

I'm going to assume you have MinGW.
If you please, get MSys. I've forgotten
what hoops it made me jump through
to get it installed, but be sure you
chase down all the niggling little doc
details on getting installed.

Got MSys and MinGW? Good.
Pull up MSys (should be a shellish
thing). Go to cpmtools-2.8
'Make' freaks out because Michael
(according to the comments in the
Makefile), didn't know how to use
autoconf to do a 'make depend'.
So YOU (the user), have to do it
manually (here's the whole shebang):

make depend   <<-----

Copy the .exe's and defs and
whatever else you need to wherever
you are wont to put them.

It's been a while since I've had to
'make depend' ; last time, IIRC,
I was building a custom kernel
for Slackware version 8 or so....


Re: cpmtools Win32 wanted

Postby Bill Buckels » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 21:17:26 GMT

Thanks everyone for all the good thoughts. I have been having trouble with 
some of my messages not appearing on usenet so did not get back to this 
thread. See my latest posts on comp.os.cpm and know that everything worked 
as is by using cygwin to run ./configure then using MinGW to build this at 
the native XP cmd prompt.

The warnings are many, but no errors and no dependencies on cygwin's dll 
either. I took John Elliot's approach and skipped fsed.cpm because I did not 
want to muck with curses.

I am testing now and creating html versions of manpages which I am 
reformatting and will soon have the Windows Executables available for 


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