Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai


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    I just bought a new i-series, one of the 520 express series. I used the largest business partner in the USA, I specified 3 36 gig drives, so I would have 70 gb usable after RAID. The box showed up with two 36GB drives mirrored, and the third drive showed up seperatly as a customer install. No problem, I put the drive in, went into DST, turned off mirroring, and tried to turn on Parity, no go, nothing I did, I even completely deleted the ASP, did an alternate IPL and tried to scratch load the box, nothing would get RAID to work, I gave IBM a call, and it turned out this box shipped with no RAID controller???? DUH! OK, so I called the chuckleheads at the 'nations largest IBM dealer' and they are working on it. In the meantime, i re-loaded the microcode, and operating system from the option 21 backup I made before I started all this nonsense. I loaded it all to the load source drive, with no protection having 2 unconfigured drives. It seems the last time I screwed with this, I was able to configure the other drives, and turn on Parity Protection without losing data. Is this the case? I tend to get confused working on so many different systems, some have a destructive RAID container build. If I am wrong I won't waste my time loading licenesed programs, and PTF's, but if I am correct, I can get the box all twinked while waiting on the RAID controller. Jerry
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    We have a vendor who wants to do SOAP over a SSL. They have provided us a Java class library to use but our management is sort of hostile to Java because it requries significant hardware upgrades and we provide software to a variety of customers who have varying hardware configs. Also we have a generic TCP communication piece written in C that communicates to all sorts of vendors but it does not do any SSL communication. I've looked at the OpenSSL stuff and IBMs header files for SSL which are different but haven't found any redbooks or anything yet that gives me the basics on doing SSL with the 400. I've pieced together an OpenSSL program but of course that won't work on the 400 and I don't want to try and port OpenSSL to the 400 since all of it's scripts, etc are all tuned to Linux/Unix/Solaris et al. I've downloaded the tarballs anyway to have a look but I thought I'd better get the message out here now. Because we cater to a variety of platforms we currently support V4R5 as a minimum, so anything I do to our generic TCP program must support at least that OS level. I can do the basic TCP socket stuff, but I'm a little green on SSL. Looking for some help. Kelly Beard
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    I am extracting File/Field relations from a library to a file and keep filling up the file, resulting in a MSGW situation. There are no options for file size on the DSPFFD statement, so I tried to pre-build the file with a large size and large increment size, but this doesn't work either. I have a MONMSG after the DSPFFD in my CL program, and although this answers the CPF4903 (member at maximum size) error, this is followed by a CPF5305, where I need to auto-reply with '9999' for no maximum. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, I need to know if there exists an ODBC driver (commercial too) for the IBM AS400 system (maybe DB2 is equivalent) that can be easily installed on a *Mac Os X*. I cannot usa jdbc because the program that needs to access this AS400 is FileMaker Pro 8, and it handles only odbc connections. Thank you for your help and patience, -- Guido | Experience is a strange teacher, | | it gives you the problem before the lesson |

Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai

Postby farhin » Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:18:21 GMT

Hi All,

We are having an opening for Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO  for
my CMM Level 5 Client in Chennai

Skills         : Automated Testing
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Skills         : Software  Testing QTP (Quick Test Pro)
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Kindly send us your updated resume  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 

In case you are interested, kindly send us the
following information at the earliest:
1. Your Current Location
2. Your contact number
3. Your current Organisation
4. Total IT Exp.
5. Total hands-on exp. in the relevant skills
8. Your current CTC
9. Expected CTC

Shubham Infotech,
Ph.: 24731286 or 52123617

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