Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai


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    Hi, I'm looking for a non-expensive though stable EDI solution. Our legacy systems are on the AS/400. Any good references? Thanks Jack
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    Hi there, One of my customers is switching from AS400 to PC-software (I warned them but they will not listen). It will happen in a coupple of months. Now they used a 7208-012 tape unit which is failing the last coupple of weeks. My question to you all is: Does some of you has a unit like this lying around and do not use it. I will be happy to spend some cash on it. You should be able to send it to the Netherlands. If the price is right I will pay thru paypal. TIA, Peter The Netherlands.
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    Deleting User-Index QYSMSVRE in QUSRSYS on both machines solved the problem. commands 1. --> DLTUSRIDX USRIDX(QUSRSYS/QYSMSVRE) 2. --> ENDTCPSRV *DDM 3. --> STRTCPSRV *DDM

Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai

Postby farhin » Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:18:21 GMT

Hi All,

We are having an opening for Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO  for
my CMM Level 5 Client in Chennai

Skills         : Automated Testing
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Skills         : Software  Testing QTP (Quick Test Pro)
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Kindly send us your updated resume  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 

In case you are interested, kindly send us the
following information at the earliest:
1. Your Current Location
2. Your contact number
3. Your current Organisation
4. Total IT Exp.
5. Total hands-on exp. in the relevant skills
8. Your current CTC
9. Expected CTC

Shubham Infotech,
Ph.: 24731286 or 52123617

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