Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai


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  • 1. Logical File/View question
    We are having a real weird problem with logicals and views. Every once in a while they will not pull the data they should. But if we recompile the logical or recreate the view, everything starts working again. Any hints or suggestion on where to start? Or what the problem/issue could be? Thanks!!
  • 2. Wrong subsystem
    Hi guys How I can change the subsystem from QINTER to QCTL (which I changed by mistake). Well, I changed it (QCTL to QINTER) and perform IPL, during IPL system stopped at the message B9003C20 (which is not described in book "AS400e server 270 and 820 Problem Analysis, Repair and Parts"). And this is a problem: how to change the subsystem? Is it possible? Or only reinstall the system? We have V4R5M0 and 270 server. Regards Skorek
  • 3. Printer Device Question.
    Hi All, I had a printer that was not responding so I varied it off and tried to get it to re: auto config. The printer is an IP printer and now I can ping it. However, what is its name? How do I determine what name it came up with (this is a big 400 with many devices). The printer was previously created rather than auto config'd so I knew its name. The other thing I can't work out is that if I type in 'wrkwtr prt01' (the old name for the device) it says the status is RLS/WTR. The help text says this means "RLS/WTR (Released/Writer) The queue is attached to a writer and is released." Yet when I type ' strprtwtr prt01' I get the message " Device PRT01 not found.", also wrkobj *all says there is no *devd for prt01 on the system. Isn't that wrong? Tx in advance.
  • 4. Alternative ClientAccess for DOS remote
    Hi, we use Client/Access for DOS in severel remote DOS-PCs for batch file-transfer. The PCs remain in SDLC-Wait-State until a iSeries-CL-program initiates a SDLC-call. Then the PC runs a .bat-file to copy some files from PC to iSeries and from iSeries to PC, using the shared-folder funcion in CA/DOS. Then the PC disconnects the SDLC-session and the iSeries-CL-program calls the next PC, and so on... Now the remote DOS-PCs will be replaced by W2000-PCs. And we are looking for a simple alternative for a program-controlled file-transfer iSeries <-> PC. thanks a lot for your help! Martin
  • 5. SST User Profile
    I need to print a new configuration list but the last time my CE was here he apparently disabled or changed the SST user profiles. When I try to sign on as one SST user it says "User Profile Disabled" when I sign on as the second SST user it lets me get to the SST menu but I can't do anything because it says the user doesn't have the required special authorities. How can I enable the first SST user and/or grant the second user the required authorities? Thanks Dan

Very Urgent Req For Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO In Chennai

Postby farhin » Tue, 15 Nov 2005 15:18:21 GMT

Hi All,

We are having an opening for Automated Testing/QTP Quick Test PRO  for
my CMM Level 5 Client in Chennai

Skills         : Automated Testing
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Skills         : Software  Testing QTP (Quick Test Pro)
Exp           : 4+yrs
Location     : Chennai

Kindly send us your updated resume  XXXX@XXXXX.COM 

In case you are interested, kindly send us the
following information at the earliest:
1. Your Current Location
2. Your contact number
3. Your current Organisation
4. Total IT Exp.
5. Total hands-on exp. in the relevant skills
8. Your current CTC
9. Expected CTC

Shubham Infotech,
Ph.: 24731286 or 52123617

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