FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server


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FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby k_morland » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 02:01:19 GMT

I have been working on an FTP issue that is driving me nuts.  And of
course it is one that is out of the ordinary.

A client sends us a file to the ISeries that is in a Data Stream which
uses the IFS.  I then send it down to our EDI server where they are
supposed to edit it.  (I just work here).  They then send me the
results which I forward back to the client.  The problem is that when
I send it binary, it adds low values to the end of the file which both
Aetna and our EDI group can't handle.  If I send it ASCII then  I have
a limit of 32,766 bytes.  I've tried using the TRIM command with no

namefmt 1
put /qsys.lib/kwmlib.lib/testfile.file/testmbr.mbr testfile

This example gives me the low values are spaces at the end.  Any help
would be appreciated.

Re: FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby sclind » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 07:00:09 GMT

If the file starts in the IFS, then why do you bring it back into the
library file system?  Files in the library file system have fixed
lengths, and that is probably the source of your problem.

(BTW, a similar questions/answer was posted earlier).


Re: FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby k_morland » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:56:55 GMT

Actually, I am not bringing it back into the library file system.  On
this command I am trying to FTP the file from the IFS on the AS400
down to our server.


Re: FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby sclind » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 06:47:18 GMT

This is the part that confuses me:

put /qsys.lib/kwmlib.lib/testfile.file/testmbr.mbr testfile

This is not a file in the IFS, this is a file in the 'traditional'
library file system.  It would have a fixed record length.


Re: FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby Drew Dekreon » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 10:37:25 GMT

you could try issuing a
in FTP before PUTting the file (treats as stream instead of records)
might help (always trims tailing blanks from records)

Re: FTP from Unix to AS400 to EDI Server

Postby Steve Landess » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:41:54 GMT

Technically, You're NOT ftp'ing the file from the IFS...

The file /qsys.lib/kwmlib.lib/testfile.file/testmbr.mbr on your iSeries
system is the file named TESTFILE that has a member named TESTMBR in library
KWMLIB.  The long name is simply the way to access this file in the library
file system via the IFS file system.

As Scott pointed out, this file should have fixed length records.

You can view the raw data in TESTFILE from a green screen (5250 emulation
session) using the command:


Once you are viewing the data on the "Display Physical File Member" screen,
press F10, then F11.

This will show the data in the file on three lines:
1) The first line shows the data in character (text) representation
2) The next line shows the first hexadecimal character of the data in hex
3) The next line shows the second hexadecimal character of the data in hex

Steve Landess
Austin, Texas
(512) 423-0935

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