Problem with mime type


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Problem with mime type

Postby Thorsten Huber » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 07:41:57 GMT

Hi together,

I've got a problem with mobile web
application. I tried to develop a
database application for WAP Phones.

After all, I used Visual Studio .NET
2003 and Windows Server 2003 Web Edition.

The application can be viewed with IE
with no problems. But if I try to connect
via mobile phone, I'll get the Error, that
the mime-type is incorrect.

The mobile phone is samsung sgh-a300m.
I already installed device update 3.0,
there are some devices from samsung included.

If I try to test the application with emulator
(openwave) and check the source-code receiving
from server, I see, that the code begins with
<HTML> -- I think thats the reason why my
mobile phone do not display the page.

Is there any solution, that this web-page
always uses WML for output (without any
cases), or could I configure via web.config
file (whicht is currently original created
by VS).

Thanks a lot,


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