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Postby De Bruyn Wim » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 22:08:51 GMT

Yesterday I installed VS 2K3. So far so good.
When I tried to run a mobile project the emulator was launched and there
things went wrong.
My machine (Win XP SP2) started{*filter*} on the installation of "Virtual PC
Application Services".
Even with the upgrade to PocketPC 2K3 SDK with Active Sync 3.7, I am
experiencing the same problem. The emulators are in the menu of VS but when
running everything blocks.
When I look in my management console under "System" I can see that the
emulators are not well installed. I went to the Connectix site (newsgroup)
and found that there can be a problem with their soft and Win XP together
with Office XP.

Any solutions or people with the same problem?

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