DataFormatString to format Phone Number


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DataFormatString to format Phone Number

Postby Y3JwaWV0c2NobWFubg » Thu, 07 Dec 2006 01:09:01 GMT

I am showing a phone number field in an ObjectList control. I am trying to 
format the phone number using the DataFormatString, but I am having problems 
getting it to work. I need to to be formatted like this: 555-555-5555

I have the Phone Number field saved in the database as a varchar so it is 
coming across in the data binding as a string.

Here's an example of what's coming from the database:

I have tried the following DataFormatString values with no avail:

Does anyone have any ideas?

Chris Pietschmann

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"AltPhone")) %>'></asp:TextBox>

Public Function FormatPhoneNumber(ByVal strNumber As String) As String
   Dim strTemp as String = strNumber

   If strTemp.Length > 0 Then
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      strTemp = strTemp.Replace(")", "")
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