Applying CSS on mobile controls


Applying CSS on mobile controls

Postby a2V5dXI0NzgzMQ » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 23:42:04 GMT

i am facing trouble in applying stylesheets on mobile controls. I want to 
give background color to a label but its not rendering. Can any one please 
help me..??

Re: Applying CSS on mobile controls

Postby arnie » Wed, 15 Aug 2007 17:56:20 GMT

You can make use of mobile web user control to create a style sheet
like this
1. Add a new mobile web user control to the project.
2. Add code to the file like this

<mobile:StyleSheet ID="StyleSheet1" Runat="server" >
<mobile:Style Name="style1" Font-Name="Verdana" BackColor="#0099cc"
Font-Size="normal" Font-Bold="true" ></mobile:Style>
<mobile:Style Name="Button"></mobile:Style>
3.Save it.
4. In the mobile web form where you want to apply this style sheet add
<mobile:StyleSheet ID="StyleSheet1" Runat="server" ReferencePath="css

In each mobile control there is a propery called StyleReference where
you can specify one of the style names present in the external style
sheet created above

Hope this helps

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