dynamic device specific script


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  • 1. Sending a SMS to a cell phone
    Hi there! I'm new in .NET development. I'm just curious about something. I want to create an application, so i can send a SMS to a cell phone. A form with two textboxes and a button (textboxes for the phone number and Message and a "SEND" button) Is it possible for any cell phone ? Is it possible without a contract with a company ? Do i have to do anything special, or i just can write some code and launch the application (ofcourse, an internet connection is available :D) ? What should i do ? I ask you this because i don't know any sites where i can send as many SMS as i want. I want to do this. Thankyou very much!

dynamic device specific script

Postby ashelley » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 02:27:42 GMT

I have this in my aspx page:

<mobile:DeviceSpecific id=DeviceSpecific1 Runat="server">
	<Choice Filter="isHTML32">
			<%# ((string)Session["clientScript"]) %>

I have this in my code behind in formload:

Session["clientScript"] = "<Script for=\"window\" event=\"onload\"

But the client script is never added to the page.  My goal is to be
able to dynamically control which control gets focus when the page is
redrawn.  The following works:

<mobile:DeviceSpecific id="DeviceSpecific1" Runat="server">
	<Choice Filter="isHTML32">
			<Script for="window" event="onload"

Anyone have any suggestions?  Any insight is appreciated.


Re: dynamic device specific script

Postby ashelley » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 06:57:17 GMT

as a hack i created multiple devicespecific controls and toggle them
visible as needed.  This was a less than optimal system but it works.

I would have liked the flexibility to dynamically generate the


Re: dynamic device specific script

Postby Conor O'Doherty » Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:58:16 GMT

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you Adam

I'm only 3 days into my very first web app, and my first requirement is to 
set focus to my testbox.
Could I have possibly asked for a tougher task.
Finally, after trying all the samples & posts to set focus none of which 
worked for me execpt yours.
I have seen other posts which used the same code but put the script in the 
<FooterTemplate> tag which didn't work for me even though others swear by 
it, changing to <Contexttemplate> tag finally set the focus.

So Adam again Thank you :-)

Best Regards

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      Does anyone have any VB.NET code on how to use SetUserNotification to 
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      intNotificationHandle = 
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time, that I have incorporated into my app, and it does wake up the device 
at the time that I want it to. However, there are a few potential problems 
that I can see with this approach.
    1) I don't want to run an application, my application will be always 
running, so all I need to do is wake up the device. (This doesn't seem to 
    2) I can only set the wake up time to a specific date and time. I want 
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that I need to set the date and time for the next working day after 
uploading, or on start of the application if it is being run for the first 
Would setting the same reminder more than once cause any problems?
    3) I do not know how to cancel a reminder once set. Is there a way to 
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    Unfortunately my C# skills are fairly limited, so although I have got 
the code to work, I am not sure exactly what it is doing. I am concerned 
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because I have so many threads running setting reminders all over the place. 
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Andy Baker 

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London, UK

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